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  1. Birdblue

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    I wondering when a package is left in the building that goes into my trailer can management use that against me and treat as a miss load or something of equivalent if it is not put in my trailer before it leaves the building? As well with any package for that Matter if I had liked scanned a package that went into a trailer on the other side of the building for instance but the trailer had already left before it could be put in?
  2. scratch

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    Why would a package be scanned on the other side of the building instead of at the trailer door as it is loaded? The last scan is the one that counts. If it was sorted to the wrong belt or something and didn't make it to the correct trailer on time that shouldn't be your problem.
  3. Johney

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    Are you not in the trailer scanning while loading? Every loader I see in trailers have scanners.
  4. Boywondr

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    If its LIB the management has to have them scanned as such and the trailer that was sealed should have that time logged. Your steward should be able to make the company understand that issue for and with you.
  5. DumbTruckDriver

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    “They” are trying to get you fired! Trust no one!
  6. onewithedd

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    You mean they don’t have an inside EC code?
  7. scratch

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    They do, its just called something else. Clerk scans it as an incorrect address to hide missed pieces.
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  8. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Sound honest.

    Management is dishonest and nothing happens.
    Union enployee does something dishonest and gets fired.

    Ridiculous and Hypocritical