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  1. Heard a rumor this morning, that starting July 1st, any driver that skips part or whole lunch will get paid for the unused lunch. Has anyone else heard if this a true rumor? :mellow:
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    thats true, its happening all over the country, it started already here in Illinois. Mgmt tries to force you to take 20 minutes minumum + 10 min paid break. All I can say its about time!:thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:
  3. Amen!!! I wonder if we can get back pay for all the unpaid lunch hours from years past. California did.
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    I to am out of chicago and its great, however i cant condone another lawsuit like out of california. If you worked through your lunch without getting paid(bonus) im pretty sure you did it on your own. I would occasionally skip my lunch in the past if i had some family stuff to do, but if not i took my lunch and never have i been told to work through my lunch. Now we get pressured every day to record some sort of lunch, but i have told management we will record what we take and nothing more. If you dont take your 10 min paid break now we lose 10 mins of dispatch of off our routes. Not trying to jump on you, but imagine if all the states sued over the lunch issue we would probably go out of business.
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    This is definately good news.Its nice to be paid for your time worked.
    We probobly wont see that here in Canada for some time.We are way behind the US on every issue.We still accept cash for cod`s,we are still on diad 3 and PAS&EDD are not even rumours here yet.
    I believe our contract is up in 2010,and by that time a ft driver will be
    making about$25:00CDN an we are way behind in wages as well.
    Our $ here in Canada is rapidly approaching the US value,so we may
    soon see parity with the greenback.Its expensive to live here even though we has a relativley good health care program.Its hard to get
    by sometimes even with my wife working.They tax us to death for
    property tax,income tax,sales tax and another grab in the form of
    GST.Goods and services tax.Everything we buy has a 15% fee on it.
    Getting back on topic,I hope the standing code 05 comes here soon.
    I get sick of hearing the crap when I call for help because I`m going
    to miss my lunch,how many stops have you done? how many left?
    At least I`ll have the option of working through it if thats what it takes to be back in time for the air sort.
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    We are all here to make money. We all get paid for what we work. Pretty simple.
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    I can't believe that there are places 20 years behind on the lunch issue.:mad: I live in the stone ages now too.:mad: I can't believe people work for free...Like I've said before, where I come from, if you don't take at least a 30 min. lunch before your 6th hour you can be fired. You should always get paid for hours worked.
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    I can't believe we have people stupid enough to work through an unpaid lunch, that contractually, they HAVE to take!
  9. DS

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    over9five...come on now,maybe you and I wont stand for it but
    you know what its like for 50% of the
    to meet the numbers,trying to get in the union,that will work
    through thier break because ups can and will fire them if they
    cant hack it.Theres lineups for miles .These are young people
    with families trying to secure thier future.That California fiasco
    didn`t happen for no reason man.It seemed to me that seasoned
    drivers were being overdispatched on purpose.The straw that
    broke the camels back so to speak .Tieguy may be right that
    a lot of drivers took advantage of the free money,but for the most
    part it was a wake up call for ups.But this is just a piddley little
    thing to them,and it wouldn`t surprise me if they tried to find
    a way around it.
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    If this does happen, then UPS will be watching us ever so closly, minute by minute, looking at our daily activity, questioning every thing we do in our day, wanting to know why we spent so much time at this certain stop. How come it took so long to get from this stop to that one, etc. Believe me, they will find a way to get back at us. We had a sup tell us this in a pcm, one morning, not long after the west coast bunch won their law suit.
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    DS I agree with alot of what you say. Not only is there company pressure but also family pressure on the young guys to skip their lunch at times or all the time. I believe the only way UPS can stop this is to put the soft ware in the board to have it shut down. When a change like this is implemented their will be growing pains. Many of us drivers as well as management get into the same old routine, kinda of like a rut(new software will break that rut). The other point I would like to make is that the driver knows what he is getting into when he starts working for UPS. Long hours especially during the holidays is a killer on the family. If you want to get off early(5pm or less) you might want to go somewhere else. I do not want to sound calious,but thats the basic fact. In the same breath I feel we are adequately compensated for our work.

    In closing, If a driver chooses to work through his lunch he makes that choice,but I also believe it would be a honorable act for the company to pay him for it(without alot of teeth being pulled,just do it). It would be a interesting study, since the advent of the diad how many lunches had been worked through nationwide. Do you think UPS knows the answer?
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    You don't need the software that shutsdown the board during lunch...All you need is the software in payroll that only takes out only the amount of lunch you take (or put in the board) not an automatic hour. That software has been around for over 20 years.:wink:
  13. area43

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    I know in virgina that we are automatically coded 06, that means they will take the hour(between4/6 hour) out whether you take it or not. (its in the contract)
    The only time we could take the 05(punch to punch,takes only the time you took for lunch,lets say 20 min) was at xmas eve. Now, I have been seeing(rare cases) where the sup has been 05 drivers. He keeps it under wraps(per say) no one complains, then dont worry about it attitude. As far as the soft ware being around. Yes, but it hasnt been implemented nationwide. Bottom line in Virgina is that you HAVE to take your hour. The coding of the hour lunch might differ in other parts of the country, which is usually the case. ( ; This has to be implemented, it forces the driver to take his lunch. You can have all the soft ware in the world back at the center, but you need something on route.
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    Some people just feel they have to be off early and cut corners as much as possible, such as working on their load off the clock, working for free during lunch. I don't like the idea, and would only skip lunch for a dire emergency, but some do it everyday, and it's not just rookies. Some people constantly need to be patted on the back, and it pumps their egos up to think they are the best driver ever. Anyone who is working should be paid for it no matter what imho!


    What is that image in your avatar, I can't make it out?
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    Also in virgina on top of the hour lunch, we get a 10 min paid break(on road time). That s 70 minutes! Were just a bunch of hungry mother :censored2:ers here in virgina,lmao.

    Back on the lunch issue, this will be quick, another reason we need the software nationwide is that some drivers are just plain stubborn, hard headed individuals. They will just keep skipping their lunch,no matter what. It always amazes me, that the Teamsters have fought so hard to get us our lunch, and then there are some or many(drivers) that say they are FORCED to take it. lol Wow! Im confused. ( ;
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    All this time I thought it was a gutted deer with no head.
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    When these guys get settled down,they will realize that getting
    home an hour (or more) early will start to show itself in the
    amount of at least $120 a week.If you have a mortgage,
    house insurance,a car ,car insurance,property tax,telephone,internet,heating and air conditioning,
    water,gas,bad habits...they will learn over time
  19. 705red

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    DS dont forget the nagging wife and kids, that alone is sometimes worth taking your lunch to avoid!
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    "All this time I thought it was a gutted deer with no head."