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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brown177, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. brown177

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    I got a parking ticket at mall Tuesday night. Merry Christmas to me. The cop said I was stop there for " awhile" when I was just doing a pick up. The most I was there was 8 minutes. The customer had to fill out a asd so that's what took alittle while. Question is Do I pay the ticket or do I turn it in to the center? I talked to my shop steward and he was going to find out.
  2. wo88upsman

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    You parked the truck there why should the center pay for it?
  3. scratch

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    The Center should pay for it. Its the cost of doing business. Just look at the millions we pay out in big cities like New York and LA.
  4. BrownPR215

    BrownPR215 What Can Brown Do To You!

    Here in Philly we are a big brown magnet for the parking authority, here we just turn them into the center. I believe the only exception where we have to pay for a ticket is if the ticket is for parking in a handicap parking space.
  5. stevetheupsguy

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    He was going to find out? I would hand that ticket to my supe and move on. That's not your personal vehicle, my friend.
  6. 1989

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    If what you got was a parking ticket and not a moving violation. UPS will take care of it.
  7. Jones

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    Atlantic Area supplement says UPS will pay all parking tickets for illegal parking "as long as employee does not abuse".
  8. raceanoncr

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    You turn all non-moving violations into sups or mgm. Then.....

    start looking for a new steward! ASAP!
  9. 1989

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    I have never heard of a cop giving a parking ticket. But maybe in a small. Where I'm from cops only give moving violations.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    It was in a mall 2 days before Christmas.
    Say that was the only place you can find to park, and hand ticket to your supervisor
    With the economy, parking tickets are the easiest way for towns to get extra money. Shame on the officer, but oh well.

    By no means, do YOU pay for the ticket !!
  11. tourists24

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    At the mall I deliver to it is usually the fire marshall who writes all the tickets. They hit it hard at Christmas time and even hit the stores for violations. They rake in a lot of revenue for the city. I usually earn a few honor tickets each year for parking along the curb doing back door deliveries to the stores. Turn the ticket in, move on and have a merry Christmas :)
  12. brown177

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    The cop was like "we been telling you guys not to park here since November." I'm only a part time air driver and that was the first time I've been there to do a pick up this peak. At that point, there was nothing that i could have said to reverse the ticket. I guess the town has to get money somehow.
  13. upsman68

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    You sound just like a supervisor. I know that I got a ticket a couple of years for a no parking zone and the company paid for it.

    They wont pay for fire zone tickets even though they train you to park as close as the door as possible. I got one of those and had to pay $85 for it.
  14. NaiveRapture

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    Haha wow... I can't even imagine getting a ticket in Big Brown. I've parked all kinds of crazy up on the curb in a fire zone right in front of a cop, he never even looked at me lol
  15. brownman15

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    ups owns the truck they pay the ticket
  16. 1989

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    A driver blocked a handicap spot a few years ago and got like a $300 ticket...UPS paid it but told everyone they wouldn't pay for another.
  17. stringerman85

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    This sounds like NYPD at it's best....Or someone said Philly, HA, doesn't surprise me, That damn city made a television show called "Parking wars", go figure

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Mall Security...Don't mess with them, they are highly trained killing machines.
  19. stringerman85

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    Oh yeah....The wannabies
  20. dcdriver

    dcdriver nations capital

    I get up to 10 tickets a day, 5 days a week have NEVER paid for any of those tickets, Bus zone, fire hydrant, no parking anytime AM PM. Its the cost a doing business. UPS will go to the city with thousands of tickets a month and only pay a percent.