Part Time and forced to work over 5 hours?


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A few years back the hub I work at (Worcester, MA) eliminated the morning shift and moved all the 125s to afternoon-twi (usually 1pm-10pm) with their hour break at 5pm. During peak, UPS occasionally gives them paid lunches, and when they do, they force the part timers (since its peak, start time is 11am for everyone) to work beyond their 5 hours. In fact, today part timers could not leave before 5:30pm. That is a 6 1/2 hour shift. How are they getting away with that?


unless there is something different in our supplement I don't think they can. Maybe there is a weather emergency article or something but even then it would have to go in seniority order I think unless its a Peak season exception. I would get in touch with your steward. I'll ask the steward on our shift for some info for you too, PM me if you want his name (or you may know him) as I also work in the Worcester building.


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And? In the 10 years before the 125s changed shifts, never have part timers been forced to work beyond 5 hours. If you wanted to leave, you left. What is different now?


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I don't even remember the last time I clocked out with less than 5 hours...

When I worked for UPS this last time, I DID work less than 5 hours every day. The first time.....Heaven have MERCY!! If I wanted the time, it was there. UPS hated paying the overtime but ultimately stopped fighting it with a passion (just whining once in a while). One night, I was helping a dock and I told the full-timer, "Hey, X!" He looked up at the jam-breaking platform I was standing on and said, "Yeah, what's up?" I said, "Listen, I'm 4 minutes from 5 hours. Should I go?" His eyes flashed but he gave his trademark grin and said, "Congratulations. Break that jam!" I shrugged and kept working. A 6 to 8 hour day was mine if I wanted it during the summer. I did a number of 7.5 hour days. One night, I started at 2 p.m. on a July day. I was sent all over the Hub, moving missorts, sorting, unloading, WHATEVER. I did that for 4 1/2 hours. I worked 7 hours that day. At six hours and forty-five minutes, I told the sort manager, "Listen, I'm dehydrated, I twisted my ankle this morning and I'm outta gas. I'm not going to do you any more good tonight. Can I go?" He didn't even hesitate. He said, "Go. I'll take care of your immediate supe." If you've worked your five and you need to go, the better supes won't keep you. If you've got classes or another job, most will cut you (if they have someone to take your place). Few will cut you if they don't have a replacement. However, I have worked for those UPS supervisors. Fewer and far between now. -Rocky