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    I was wondering if someone could inform me on the waiting period I would have to go through in order to get Health Insurance Coverage for me and my family once becoming employeed. I was a seasonal loader/unloader that's fixing to get hired on full time and I've heard multiple versions. Some say 3 months after my probation period, some say a year.

    Can anyone please clarify, as what I'm currently paying out of pocket for my wife and kids is killing me ($1000.00 a month).

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    12 months for you.

    18 months for your family.
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    under the union contract depend where u live the fullbenefit with in one year from when u start working
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    and how much would insurance go up if a person decided to put his wife and her son on his insurance?
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    As of now....nothing. The wait is 12 months for the employee and 18 months for the family on the UPS Health Plan. The wait times may vary if you are covered by a Teamster plan.