Part-time extra work bid sheet


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What would you do? Part-timer signs extra work bid sheet. Extra work is available on another shift due to call ins. Less senior employee is asked to work over to next sort. Senior employee discovers this and files a seniority grievance. Full-time sup, informs hub manager that senior employee was called. Senior employee produces cell phone records that shows no calls received during time frame discussed.

Should employee file a grievance due to dishonesty? Will this be handled in-house by management, or will management forget about it? I can understand someone maybe forgetting they called, but to report that they called in a grievance investigation seems mighty dishonest.


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First instance I would simply talk to the FT management involved and let them know you want the work and make sure they have your correct phone #. If it happens again then maybe go the grievence route. Do whatever you want but that's what I would do. Maybe I would ask my steward to talk to them on my behalf at first.

Mr Shifter

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I agree let them know you want to work. If you file you might have to fight for a win because there is a clause that says employee needs to be qualified and PRESENT when overtime comes up. If there was sheet up for say a week of vacation cover then you should win hands down but discuss with your Stewart about the full details.