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    Just got interview as a part-time package handler & I have a few questions if I get hired...
    1.I have a CDL,how can I get a driving job or how long do I have to work to bid them?
    2.I could possibly be driving 45minutes for a part-time 9.00 a hour job,could it be worth it in the long run coming in w/a CDL
    3.Any suggestions on what to say to make myself look good for My interview?

  2. 1. the only job at UPS that requires a CDL is feeder driver I believe and you have to be a package car driver for a bit before you can do that. To get to package driver you have to be a PT hub worker (package handler) for a bit too. How long it takes varies by hub/center but if you want to use that CDL soon, it could be a while before you're able at UPS
    2. Depends on how long you're expecting the long run to be as i said it usually takes a little bit to get to be a feeder driver, but I don't think it'd hurt to let them know
    3. They want reliable hard working people, somehow demonstrate that and you should be golden.
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    Here is a tip for you: Tell them that you will work hard and not question management no matter how stupid their decisions are. @ UPS they seem to like submissive spineless people. After you pass your probation and become unionfied then you can start speaking your mind *within the boundries of coures*
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    well, i can't speak for every hub, but the hub i work at typically you should expect about a 7-8 year wait for full time feeders or 11-12 years for package cars....
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    :thumbup1: apart from the "UPS seems to like submissive spineless people". They pay you to work as directed, and unless you find following directions to be against your morals, they appreciate people who don't rock the boat. Remember this is an unskilled position in an industry comparable to production work.

    But if you feel inspired to share your opinion, definately wait for the union to pledge to cover your ass.
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    LOL sounds like theres a few union aficionados here. I dont know how the on car sups are but in the hub sometimes your sup will make a bad decision. Its a fast paced job which requires split second decision making (unless you are in the small sort, in which I feel sorry for you).

    Anyone can make a mistake though. You think people like Lambaugh, Jimmy Johnson, etc went through their coach careers without making a mistake?
  7. thelus

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    ah its a fun job now that im driving i can say the hub was great atleast its more comedy then drama heres a typical hourly/ management conversation.

    outbound sup: you loaded a missort.
    hourly: a missort what trailer.
    ourbound sup: syracuse
    hourly: what did i missort
    outbound sup: well it wasnt really a missort but it came up as one.
    hourly: :confused:1 how can it be a missort if it wasnt a missort

    outbound sup: it came up as a missort in the computer.
    hourly: (pulling out the load chart) its says here on the load chart it goes in there
    outbound sup: its still a missort

    as you can see youll get really frustrated in the hub get your 40 odd days in and your almost untouchable :wink:
  8. Acelesson

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    I dont understand your logic thelus. It almost sounds like you are making that up. Do you have any idea about how those missort sheets work?
  9. hoser

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    You can only get frusturated if you're like thelus and your communication skills suck.

    After the sup says "its still a missort", obviously addressing it to you for a reason,
    say "why is it still a missort?"
    then ask "what would you want me to do next time?"
    or "how can i improve?"
    and then say "i'll do my best to prevent this, but could you please update the chart? i may forget"

    this way the hourly is in control, putting the ball in the mananger's court while showing a positive attitude and building a bridge.

    The sup will either:
    a) think highly of you because of your attitude and will be willing to spend their time helping you out
    b) be a dick and tell you to bend over backwards

    a) is likely, because the supervisor is human too, and they're likely wise enough to realize that you get more flies with honey
    If b), equally as likely, instead of getting frusturated, just work your best and continue being the good guy (but don't get pushed around) when you continue to get ****. eventually you'll just grow on them, or as a last resort, you have the union to cover your ass anyways.