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    Hey guys........I was wondering if anyone knows how many reports a part timer must have to keep insurance. I was told that full timers need one report per week but what about part timers? A couple of drivers at my center think that part timers need one a month but could not confirm that. I could not find any information on it anywhere, our steward is on vacation and mgmt. either doesn't know or doesn't care to tell. Any ideas? Thanks!!
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    If you're in the current company plan, it's typically going to be one report per month to maintain insurance coverage. However, UPS often tries to drop coverage on people who take a leave of absence before the month is even up.

    This will probably change under TeamCare, by the way.
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    Teamcare told us we need to have one punch per week! I can see alot of guys on the bottom of the list , getting the short end!
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    I don't follow. Once you have seniority, you're entitled to your PT guarantee unless the company initiates lay-off procedures. The only guys (in my experience, keeping in mind that I work in a larger hub with two package centers) that might get bumped this way typically don't even have the year necessary to have benefits.

    The only people I really see this affecting are the senior PT'ers with other FT jobs that literally work two days or less per week "accidentally" getting dropped because they go a week without a report.