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    I just heard from a very good source that disgruntled part-time superviors are trying to get union representation. They are now hourly employees and their pay has been cut sharply -- fewer hours less pay. Anyone else hear that?
  2. drewed

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    How are they hourly now?
  3. work2jobs

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    They were changed from a salary to an hourly rate at the first of the year.
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    Its still a salary its guaranteed as long as you log your hours correctly and theyre doing the math wrong, if the math is reversed from what they were makeing (monthly divided by 110 hours a month) will be less then the currently hourly rate but if you do hourly rate times 27.5 and then 52 weeks you should be up on what you made last year.
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    Nope. It isn't a salary and the hours are not guaranteed. There are fewer hours for everyone. There is simply not the volume. Start time are later and finish times are earlier. Most part-time sups here are only doing about 4.5-5 hrs a day not the 5.5 that the hourly wage was figured on. That wasn't the question anyway. Has anyone else heard about them wanting to be unionized? That is the story I am hearing from a really large hub near me -- not where I work.
  6. drewed

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    Hmmmm our hours are still guaranteed if we dont work them were still getting paid for them...
    But yes its hinged on a piece of legislation passed in the senate
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    It's called the "Re-Empowerment of Skilled and Professional Employees and Construction Trades-workers". AKA the respect act. I brought this up b4. I am willing to bet this will be a big issue at UPS and BC before to long. In an nut shell, this Obama co-sponsored bill from 07 will change the wording of the National Labor Relations Act. It redefines who the NLRB consider to be a supervisor. It will ovorturn the "Kentucky River decision". In a not shell, anyone who spends less then 50% of their time hiring, firirng and promoting will be elgible to unuionize. I don't know any pt supes that spend more then 50% of their time doing these things. UPS has begun an offensive stance by aproaching PT supes and telling them that if this does pass, it would NOT be in their best intrest to unionize.

    This could change a lot for UPS and many many many other companies. Between this and the card check program, there certainly could be a huge increase in union members across the board. Good for Unions.....bad for compaines.
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    The company has been short changing part timers and part time sups for years now. I hear they want to unionize around our hub as well. They get way less than when I was a part timer. Back then they made some real good change.
  9. I still work about 5.25+ on average, some days 5.5 or more (late air sort, driver meets). I would love to work 4/4.5 hrs and still get paid for 5.5 though, that sounds nice
  10. Top Fuel Friday

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    I've heard whispers from other P/T'ers on the 2DA sort here that they are trying this. I seriously doubt anything will come of it though. I really don't see how they can unionize a management function, not to say it can't be done.

    I don't know how management is at other gateways, but at worldport full time sups, managers, and above are mostly hands off in the operation. They set goals and expectations, but the P/T sup is the one who gets the job done, from a management perspective, on a night to night basis. Most of the time by using their people skills and hopefully not doing the job themselves.

    We're still getting our 27.5 hours a week guarantee, even if we work less. But they make us to stay our 5.5 hours a day even if we have nothing to do, except Friday when they are down to let us out early, so we send e-mails, get ready for the next day, or browse the internet. We reciueved a 4.something% raise in January to make up for loosing our christmas bonus, lost o/t, and some other things but they capped our yearly raise in march at 2 or 2.5%. It's not much, but it's better than nothing, though 2% of a PTers salary is pretty close to it.

    As long as they keep paying for my school, you won't hear me complain. 100% tuition at UofL for 5.5 hours of work a night isn't a bad trade off at all.
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    As far as I can see you need to be pretty far up the food chain at UPS before you'd stop benefitting from organizing a joint front with those in the same boat as you. If they cut back on your tuition support, what's your recourse if it's not in a contract? Exactly what do pt supes do that they couldn't do if unionized?

    Not that I'm madly pro-union (the latest news for me is that the shift manager whose behavior was my repeated example, par excellance, for the last 20 years, of shameless repeated management face-to-face lying... has just been hired as a BA by my local) but dealing with UPS without one would be hopeless.
  12. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    I believe it is ilegal according to nlrb for a sup to become union

    they are privy to confidential ups information and disqualified from joing the union

    not sure if same is said about pt sup

    i ran this by my local but didnt not say pt sup going union but i would think imo that it is the same.
  13. kingOFchester

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    As it stands now, managers can not form/join a union. obama and others are trying to change that. Not sure why this is so hard for everyone to grasp. Please, before you debate whether they can or can't, take the time to look into it. I have posted links and info on this subject over and over and over.
  14. phillyTSGtech

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    Thats a joke, there is confidential UPS information and sometimes employee information on servers in most UPS hubs, not protected in any way shape or form (besides not being accessiable from outside UPS) that can be accesed from just about any PC in the hub. All one has to do is look.
  15. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    I got my info from local before you speak check into it please.

    i am repeating what i was told by a BA in my local if i am wrong i apoligize till someone comes up with something that is fact then i stand by my post.

    it is not legal NLRB
  16. drewed

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    its all up to whether or not the legislation passes
    currently it is illegal when/if it passes itll be legal
  17. kingOFchester

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    Lesson time.

    The NLRB hears cases and makes decisions based on how they interpret the National Labor Relations Act. Their decisions can be overturned by congress. That is fact.

    The NLRB members are appointed by the President of the united states with final aproval from the senate. Another fact

    Obama will fill the vacancies at the NLRB with democratic, union friendly appointees. Speculation

    Wilma Liebman has already been appointed chairman of the NLRB, and is pro-union. Fact

    Obama was a co-sponsor of a bill that would change the present wording of the National Labor Relations Act. The National Labor Relations Act is what the NLRB bases their rulings when it comes to unionization. Here is the bill as it stands today.

    This bill would put a more clear definitions of who is a supervisor in the eyes of the NLRB. Regardless of how an employer classifies their employees, it will ultimately be up to the NLRB to decide whether the employees are truly supervisors. To be classified as a supervisor in the eyes of the NLRB, if this act passes, anyone who spends 50% or more of their time, hiring, firing and disciplining willbe considered a supervisor. If the said employee spends less then 50% of their time doing these things they will not be considered a sup. Any company could argue and say that their employees do spend more then 50% of the time doing the hiring, firing and so forth, but the employees could argue that they do not do that. The NLRB will make the decision.

    This whole thing goes back to 3 cases. Collectively know as the "Kentucky river cases".

    Under federal law "supervisors" are NOT allowed to unionize. The argument that was brought to the NLRB was that some employees are misclassified as supervisors. Kind of like the battle with FedEx and the classification of contractors. The employees from Oakwood Health care Inc, (nurses) were denied the right to unionize because their employer classified them as supervisors. The case was solely determined by the NLRB ( Bush appointed) who ruled in favor of the employer based on their interpretation of National Labor Relations Act. How would this of played out with an Obama appointed NLRB?? How would of it played out with an Obama NLRB with also having the respect act thrown in the mix?? Bet the nurses would be in a union now.

    Notice where as it stands NOW, anyone who spends more then 10% of their time doing hire, fire, promote, discipline, etc. The act that Obama has sponsored would change that to 50% of their time, or more, to be exempt from joining a union.
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    Seems like you've posted about this before?
  19. backinbrown

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    Thats what i was told thank you for posting that info.
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    Reminiscent of the tales from seventeenth century America. Perhaps they should dunk the person and if they drown they are a supervisor and if not then not.
    Quaint and archaic.
    JMHO as to how it impresses me.