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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by big boy, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. big boy

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    win ther is no full time work do full time employees work before part time casual on the dock.
  2. TopCat

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    We were working on the dock before occasional dock workers then they took it away from us and said we had no right to bump to the dock when there is no work . So basically the full time drivers are laid off because there is no work and the occasional dock guys are working before full time guys. We were told that there is no grievance because we are Technically not laid off.
  3. OldSnake63

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    YES !!! if u are full time local cartage your seniorty prevails over casuals . casuals hold no bids and are only there to supplement the work force . road drivers are supose to bec offered work ahead of casuals if no road work is availabe ITS IN THE CONTRACT . if this is happening file a grievance under article 5 section 1 . remember... seniorty! seniorty! seniorty! as long as there are casuals on the dock the 90/10 % is out the window .
  4. BBAK

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    Not at my terminal. City drivers work after casual dockworkers. We are EXTREMELY (dangerously) slow right now and the city drivers whos runs are cut (many of them every single day for months) have to come in AFTER the casuals. The laid off city drivers work after everybody.

    I feel they should lay off the casuals and let the city drivers work the dock because we are full time.

    And this is all the result of a settled grievance.