part-timer has taken a feeder driver hours

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    I pick up ground pkgs at a customer cpu account, I have to scan every pkg and then load into a trailer. UPS moved my start time forward so I can do feeder work. Then UPS hired this part-timer off the street to do the scanning and loading. This has to be a contract violation! I always thought ground freight was off limits to Part-timers. This kid drives to the cpu in his personal vehicle in a set of browns and works 3.5 hours then drives home. He isn't moving any trailers. What article can I file under?
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    Nothing wrong with a PT scanning and loading ground. If he isn't driving the tractor, I don't see a violation. All of our loading and scanning is done by PT's. It's the same way they replaced all the driver sort and load ops with preloads. Same idea.

    Are you still getting your minimum hrs guarantee?
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    There is nothing wrong with what is being done here. He is reporting to his work location and getting his 3.5 minimum.
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    I think past practice might be an issue here. In our supplement (maybe national), there are existing FT jobs that must remain bid and cannot be changed. Of course I don't have an answer for the thread author, but it's worth investigating with your union reps.
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    This is what most of the P/Ters do at UPS, is touch ground packages. It is not off limits.

    Are you getting your 8? Your 40? Are you even F/T? In know, in some cases, P/Ters are doing some feeder work P/T (not the case in our supplement).

    We had account HERE, notice I said again HERE (for all you ANNUALS, yeah, take out a few letters, that cry, NOT HERE!!!) where all people loading, scanning, supervising, were all UPS people IN THE CUSTOMER'S BUILDING! How cool was that? That meant they all drove to customer's factory, worked their hours there and went home. They NEVER set foot in a UPS facility!

    Anyway, good question. What Article WOULD you file under? What if the customer scanned their own stuff and put it on pallets and all you had to do was load it on trailer without scanning? Would you have grievance? What if IE or customer changed it so that you left the trailer there in morning, they customer scanned it themselves, loaded it themselves and you came back in afternoon to pick up? Would you have grievance?
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    We have three accounts in our area that I know of (I have worked at two on occasion) where PT's and Article 22.3's work at the customer's facility and process the work load trailers,scan packages,bag smalls etc. This has been going on for years.
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    Exactly. So where would there be a grievance here? I don't see it. May need more details.
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    Yes I am getting my 8, they gave me peak work that will be removed after peak. then in my opinion the route won't be cost effective and they will chop it up and give to other centers and the part-timer stays. We are in the free period and nothing can be decided till the first of the year. I don't care if this work goes to package as long as it stays full-time. thanks in advance
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    If I am understanding this correctly..... The employee that is taking your work is required to wear driver uniform, report to a pickup location, scan the packages into a DIAD, and then load them. That is the very definition of a pick-up. Depending on what his job title is, it sounds to me like you have a legitimate grievance. Am i wrong in assuming this work is reserved for drivers or driver helpers only?
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    I think you are reading too much in to this. The only difference between performing sort work in the hub and at this customer's location is that the employee is required to wear browns. He is not a driver and does not move the trailer--he simply sorts and loads the trailer. Classifying this as feeder work would really be a stretch.
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    As I said before on this thread I have been doing this for years. Required to wear browns we report to a customers mail room or loading dock with scanners and do the same thing we do in the hub.Read,scan,bag,or load.Then a feeder or package driver pick up the shipments and away the go. At one particular location we worked side by side with Fed-Ex and DHL people until DHL went belly up then we split the work with USPS.
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    I agree in principle.

    However, if the job was BID and was always bid WITHOUT the part-time helper, then past practice may apply and a grievance might be necessary.

    That was the basis of my original post.

    "I think past practice might be an issue here. In our supplement (maybe national), there are existing FT jobs that must remain bid and cannot be changed. Of course I don't have an answer for the thread author, but it's worth investigating with your union reps."
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    Could be worse. We have a walmart distribution center here around 500 pkgs come a day into our building. We sort them to the walmart belt, they are scanned by a preloader and loaded. A clerk downloads the board at the end of the sort to send to walmart for an appointment, then a feeder driver from another center comes to pick up the trailer, drive it 4 miles down the road, pick up yesterdays trailer to return to our building and then goes back to his home center. Keep telling them they need a bulk car but i doubt that job will ever be in our center.


    Does this feeder bring work into your center? If not I would think that work originated in your center and that the run should be done by a feeder in your building.