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    I am a college student finishiing my mastes degree . I have worked part time on the ramp at ups for the past 9 years , also for the past two years i have worked as an air exception driver(part time air driver) delivering EAMs in the morning. In the past to weeks my full time management has brought in full time ground package drivers to deliver EAMs and the are bumping me out of my EAMs work. I was allways told that eam work went first to fulltime combo air drvers then to part time air drivers then if no air drivers then fulltime ground drivers. In the past two weeks my suppervior is saying that the order is combo air drivers then full time ground then partime air drivers. this semes tto counterdict some of the language article 40. i have been researching this and it seem since i have been doing this for so lond that this work falls under past practice for me. any full ground driver should not have any rights to bump me out. Is there anyone shopstuwards or BA that can help me with this question.
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    Everything should be done according to seniority within the classication. Delivering a EAM, Next Day or ground package could be done with all the classications mentioned all you need is a diad and a package car. Alot of these decisions as to who will be assigned the extra work has alot to do with management taking the easy way out. It would be a pain to go down the seniority lists and call and see who is willing to come in. Heard say that in some areas your part time seniority date is used for extra work, bids and vacations now. With all the full time combo positions and most of us full timers with 5 to 10 part time years that change would be a benefit, in our building the full time seniority days superseded your orginal date of hire. It was pushed by the hired off the street feeder members to prevent package car drivers going into that department from bumping them off their bids and vacation schedules. Again another decision that destroys the notion of SENIORITY FIRST that unions should be reinforcing.
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    You have it good with seniority rules. Once you go full time that seniority date can carry you as fasr as you want to go. At other union companies, your seniorty date will only help you inthe classification you are working. If you are a full time dock worker with 15 years in, and decide you want to be a city driver, you get dropped to the bottom of the seniority list in the new classification. Same for when you goto being a road driver. If you had 20 plus years of seniority with the company, and went into road driver. You start out at the bottom of their seniority board. The only thing you seniority is reall good for at most other union companies, is vacation and pension.
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