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    Hi, I started July 14th, 2014 at 10 dollars an hours. I pick off so I gained a dollar pay raise. (11 dollars) on my one year mark, I noticed i gained a 50 cent raise. So as I type this. I'm at 11.50 an hour. My only question is. On August 1st. Shouldn't of I gotten a 70 cent raise? Or am I just misunderstanding how the whole payscale works? Thanks for any possible help!!! (Local 177)
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    Your first four years you get progression raises on your seniority date. After the four years you receive yearly raises.
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    You got cheated out of 10 cents an hour your first year.
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    You were not here for the 2013 contract vote. Your raises will be on your anniversary date for 50 cents until 2018.

    Teamsters who were here for the 2013 contract are eligible for the August 1 raises .

    PT progression for 2013 contact.
    2013 seventy cents ($0.70)
    2014 seventy cents ($0.70)
    2015 seventy cents ($0.70)
    2016 eighty cents ($0.80)
    2017 one dollar ($1.00)

    You are going to have to wait until 2018 to get on the next progression wagon.
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    Get with your steward. Also your local has a Part Time Q and A on their website.
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    If you were hired on or after August 1, 2013 you're under the current contract and your annual raise is 50 cents. You're at the right rate.
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    what are the yearly rasies after the 4 year progression? cant find that anywhere..
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    Art 22 Sec 5