Payment for oversize packages

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by T-Bone, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. T-Bone

    T-Bone New Member

    I used to be a Fedex Ground contractor several years ago. A few months back I got a letter from Fedex Ground regarding their miscalculations in settlement for oversized packages. I filled it out and sent it back. I haven't seen any check or anything yet. Has anybody else?
  2. Mom

    Mom New Member

    Nope, same for every other contractor, past and present, that I know.
  3. T-Bone

    T-Bone New Member

    Ok, thanks for the update. I guess all the monkeys are still banging away on their calculators.
  4. T-Bone

    T-Bone New Member

    Just an update.....In the mail today was an envelope from Fedex Ground. I opened it, and almost choked on my beer when I saw the fat check inside. And I was only a contractor with 2 routes for 4 years. You 10 year guys and multi-route folks are gonna be pretty happy.
  5. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    Exactly how much $eer did you choke on?
  6. T-Bone

    T-Bone New Member

    $2,267 worth.
  7. BrownBlue

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    That just means they were screwing you years ago. I'd be pretty :censored2: that they withheld compensation at all. But sure it's nice when you get your IRS refund too with no interest.
  8. Mom

    Mom New Member

    I got mine too. I've been multi-route from the get-go....and somehow they broke it down into three checks.

    They sent me one, and ' forgot' the other two. I should be seeing them ' in the future.

    The one they DID send? $28.00. Obviously my 'big money' is in the form of the other two checks.

    Fwiw, I move about 1500 pkgs a day. One dedicated bulk truck, two HD 500's and the rest are 1200's
    In industrial areas. We will see if they remember the rest of what they owe me.