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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bhay044, Jul 5, 2013.

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    I have worked at UPS for over 3 years now. Three weeks ago I switched from the twilight shift to the pre-load shift, and for the past two weeks I have not gotten a pay check. I clock in, I clock out. I spoke with my Sup. and he told me he contacted payroll but I still have not received any payment. What am I to do? just wait it out? Or is there a more immediate action to take? I have had no income for the past two weeks but I'm still working and have things that need to be payed for
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    It happened the same to me, switched from midnight to twilight. If the puppets and puppeteers (supervisors) cant get it done, ask for names, find their offices and do it yourself. I did than and it got fix in less than a week. Get your union steward involve, working without pay is a penalty against UPS. You might get a check for filling a grievance. Good luck.
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    File immediately. They will have to get u a check within so many days or you file again. Talk with a steward immediately.
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    Thank you, I will find my union rep first thing on Monday.
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    If he sent in a green check request, you would have had a check in your hand the next day. If you aren't getting paid, then either Payroll isn't getting your timecards or your check was sent to your old sort and is in a drawer somewhere. If you look on UPSers, can you see if a check was processed for you at all?
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    Yes I have checked upsers and I have not had a check processed since my first week being switched to the pre-load, and I also contacted my old Twilight Sup. asking if i had any checks and the only ones that where there were void checks. I was told that my sup had set up a queue with payroll but I think that it has been more than enough time for them to fix this problem.