PCM = morning turd break

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by von kaiser, Mar 28, 2019.

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    The most important Driver Release of the day
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    3 poops today .not horrible
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    Infraction issued
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    Oh no!
    A spanking is imminent.
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    I am usually having this problem, choose to pcm or poop, I feel better all day if I just poop before, during pcm; I have my priorities...
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    Gerbil free?
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    How is this even a topic of discussion ?

    It would have been better, if the OP said "I was sitting on the crapper and used

    my phone to vote on the contract.... during the PCM."

    It's getting to be a slow news day @ the BrownCafe.
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    I used to time my bowel movements to go every morning @ 6am before going to work. I have since stopped this bad habit and rescheduled my poop break right after my morning airs at the local library on my route. Taking a dump on the clock is not only liberating, but it also keeps my stop count down.
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    I never flush sorry not sorry