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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by derf3733, Dec 8, 2005.

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    Was told today by Mgt that if I didn't take a helper, I needed to be in under 9.5. However if I took a helper I could work 12 hours no problem. Only in the Land of UPS does that make any sense at all. A helper should "help" you get in under 9.5 not allow you to stay out longer. This Peak is no worse than last Peak at our building so far..........I guess PAS has screwed all of our customers away.
  2. scratch

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    I prefer not to use a helper myself, the ones we get now slow me down. We used to get good ones until a few years a when the colleges changed their schedules. I used to get a 19 year old who could "walk at a brisk pace", (run!)
    Last week I trained a 40+ woman with six kids. I could only get twentyfive stops an hour out of her. I let her help someone else, now I finish 200 stops by myself by 5:30. The guys running the same amount of stops with helpers usually get off 8 to 9:00.
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    It amazes me how you can do 200 stops by my area 75 deliveries and 40 pickups is an 11 1/2 hr planned pas yet thank god
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    Thats garbage. I haven't had a helper yet, been working over 10 hours a day for a month.
  5. scratch

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    You can if the area is tight enough. We run two split cars in with my group and I lose about a third of my area. The stops are closer together. Eleven days to go.
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    I had a helper one year who could not just leave the pkg at the door. If he saw any sort of movement inside he waited for them to come to the door.
    If they came to the door as he was on his way back to the car he always turned around and said "ho ho ho". I think he was a few fries short of a happy meal.
  7. Fredly000

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    Hehe... I have 2-3 Helpers daily at the same time...
    We knock off about 130 Stops(IIRC about 400 pieces) in 2.25 hours
    Then I send them home..poor guys wanted some work.. LOL
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    How is this possible?
  9. dannyboy

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    When we had more than one helper, it was not unusual for me to have 18 hours or more helper time, and get in within 8 or 9 hours.

    They used to let us "train" the helpers and that helped out when the real peak hit. The helper knew the routine and was actually a help. Now they just want them to be runners, and that is not much help.

    Double, I used to let one helper off with a two wheeler and 30 stops. They were all within two blocks and usually small packages, so we also used a tote box. When he got close to being done, he would call me.

    While he was doing that, I and the two other helpers were delivering around the "core". Put off 390-430 stops a day with 600-700 pieces.

    Always stopped at one of my business stops and dropped off what we delivered in the after noon so I had room to work. The first 50 stops were usually loaded in the cab.

    Anyway, from what I understand, the national contract prohibits more than one helper on the car at a time now.

  10. UPSmeoff

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    That seems like an insane amount of work with a 3 helpers or not.
    mgmt must have loved you.
  11. dannyboy

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    It was when you figure I ran 150-160 miles a day, and only 25 miles to and from area.

    Management at that time tried to run me into the ground. But it took another 25 years to accomplish that task. And all of the management of that era either quit or were fired. So I figure I out lasted the worst of the bunch.

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    With that many pieces, they must have been small! What were you in, a 1300 or something? If you say a p-7 I know you are full of
  13. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    No actually an old P1000. PAcked with care from front to back. And then crammed in some more. And many days, they had other driver drop some. When we finally got the TP60's, that saved some time unloading.

  14. Fredly000

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    Very possible.
    Loaded to the gills in a rental, and a straight shot up a busy
    retail sector,
    I load carts, and they run, I move truck, and they catch up to me
    and when they get to me, I have more work for them...

    IE gives MGRs some new formulas for how much helpers "save the company money" and they all come in as saving money, so as long as they "save"
    they are worth it.
  15. retired2000

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    in the land of ups a helper does all the running for a few hours. which in turn saves the drivers legs for the rest o f the day. hench the driver can stay out longer.
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    My helper has fallen down in no shape to do the job and sweats
    all over everything. Works hard though and is nice guy. His t-shirt hangs out of his uniform and he has the "Plumbers butt crack" and he has jumped back into the wrong vehichle.. Management sends me messages to use him 2.99 hours
    when we are heavier than the day before when I used him for3.99 and got in at 8:30.. Huh???