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  1. Fred's Myth

    Fred's Myth Nonhyphenated American

    Rumor has it that our station won't be hiring drivers helpers this Peak. Haven't had an opportunity to pin down the SM yet. Anyone else have a definitive for their station?

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    The only ones that care are the old and lazy.:happy2:
  3. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    It's true, because Amazon will be delivering their own, we won't have any Amazon packages at all, in fact FXE will be sending many packages through to Amazon to deliver for us
  4. Nolimitz

    Nolimitz Well-Known Member

    my son was hired here for peak
  5. Operational needs

    Operational needs Virescit Vulnere Virtus

    That’s what they said at my station too but something tells me they’ll change that. They’re hiring Quest contractors to run routes here.
  6. Star B

    Star B White Lightening

    Our station put a posting online for helpers this year but we didn't do it in years past. We've been so blown out with amzn freight it's nuts.
  7. bacha29

    bacha29 Well-Known Member

    Working peak season at FX is like making the wine and burying the dead......Everybody has to take a turn.
  8. Hector Apolonio

    Hector Apolonio New Member

    I've been working for UPS for the past 4 months and they've sent me home early almost every day. I only get to work like 2 hours then they sent me home. C
  9. Are you in the union?
  10. It will be fine

    It will be fine Well-Known Member

  11. Oldfart

    Oldfart Well-Known Member

    They really dropped the ball with the Quest Couriers in many areas. They didn't allow enough time for them to attend Defensive Driving class and get their basic on-road training. Many are hired but will never see the road as a result.
  12. cosis

    cosis Member

    I asked my manager today. Our station isn't hiring driver helpers this year. They are hiring temporary drivers to work Dec 1 - Dec 31. Since our station doesn't have enough trucks, they are using rentals.
  13. McFeely

    McFeely Huge Member

    We might get a couple of cartage agents but no jumpers. I only care about the temps during the sort. I don’t want a runner.
  14. 5yearsleft

    5yearsleft Member

    Our station will not use cartage agents this year. They are relying on the "friends and family program". Who would do that to their family???
  15. dezguy

    dezguy Well-Known Member

    They're recruiting "neighbourhood agents" here. Basically, people delivering resi's out of their own vehicle, piecemeal.

    Scary part is, sounded like this isn't just for peak.
  16. It will be fine

    It will be fine Well-Known Member

    And people think it’s crazy they’d give Ground contractors your deliveries.
  17. dezguy

    dezguy Well-Known Member

    I don't know about down there, but come peak, we usually end up with a ton of ground crap because they can't handle the stuff in their own system. They don't even try to hide it. You can see the ground astra label underneath ours.
  18. Operational needs

    Operational needs Virescit Vulnere Virtus

    I would. My daughter is a college student. She could make $7.50 an hour working in a daycare center or $20 being a jumper working as much as she wants. No hard decision there. Problem is we probably won’t have jumpers.
  19. Operational needs

    Operational needs Virescit Vulnere Virtus

    I have found in the past few years that having a jumper makes my life much better. I’m not dead tired by Christmas Eve.
  20. 59 Dano

    59 Dano I just want to make friends!

    One year (2010?) the company outsourced a lot of the RTD work to some of the contractors they use to move Two Day and Express Saver freight. It didn't work out as planned. Some of the contractors were ok but some were the drizzling shats. They were being used, among other things, to take freight directly from MEMH to certain stations. Drivers ran out of DOT hours while en route on several occasions. Others stopped for fuel and breaks along the way. The contractors assured Express that none of that would happen but their drivers didn't get the memo.
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