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    UPS has their :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: together after 100 years. [NOT] Pickup volume dropping or new guys learning how to get around. I was sent to T/O Bnoil get mty.[FSTZ] Hole in roof . Called UPS, bring it back anyway . Mechanics will fix. trailer will sit around 10 day , shifters will dead bay to dead bay move it. To be terminated on Dec 22. To make more work. :entertaining:
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    Hulk mad. Hulk destroy. Hulk hate peak.
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    I am really suprised at peak this year.
    I guess I should not be.
    No planning at all. Just muttle through to the 24th.
    They want me at 16 sporh, or I am 1.5 late.
    So Im still delivering commercial til 5 at 12.0, the best I can do. which =96 stops.....So then I have 65 left, and get done at 830, which means I do basically 20 ph, but I cant get to 16, i barely got 14.5. Now Im not exactly a math major, but maybe if they let me work til midnight I could catch up and be "scratch"
    The worst part is, I do my best and the next day, I will get talked to about my performance. Beat to heck, no life, and no Xmas cheer, and it is never good enough.
    But it will get worse after peak, Im sure. :whiteflag:
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    Tell them to brown up, man up and come ride with you or shut up!
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    I do Red, every day, and guess what, No ride.........Just want to yammer at me daily, stealing time from the company, did I fall asleep, yada, yada, so when they ods me to call and it takes me awhile, I tell them I was napping.
    Every time I get a new boss, I have to break them in.
    Ive seen them following me, they are so lame, my door is always locked. If they ran a report they would know, they cannot find 1.5 anywhere, but someone tells them to hammer me, daily.
    If I was a slacker, fire me, Im not. I dont mean to sound like a tough girl, it just doesnt phaze me anymore.
    I went from having pride at what I do, and being able to stand with the best, to being just happy to get done. No accidents, no injuries, no complaints, no missed anything, and I cant remember the last time I called off sick, means ZIP. Just that holy OR report.
    And when Im off, lately, the cover driver looks much better, but things were missed, and Im betting lunch and breaks were one of them, because I may be older, but Im not slower. Safer, and more efficient , but not slower. But that isnt what counts today. I cannot wait to retire............
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    TT, come on, you`ve been around long enough. Everyone is getting hammered right now. I get "talked" to every day. In one ear, out the other. My center manager is disgusted with my numbers. Told him yesterday this is the most poorly planned peak I have ever seen and if wants to run a crappy preload then he will get a crappy delivery day. I still get my helper for 7 or more hrs. every day. I have at least 80% of my whole route which is rediculous this time of year. I won`t drive faster, cut corners, or work unsafely and they arrange to pick up my air every night. Stand your ground, work steady and safely and rake in the money. If you believe you performed well today, that`s all that matters.
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    And I do. And you only have 80% of your route???????????, I have 100%, plus I have to run the air for the route that starts 20 minutes before me. And everything left behind, and the pickups for the route across town, and I get no jumper...Im raking in the money, and I have always loved peak, I dont care, its expected, but it has been like this for 2 yrs. The only difference is Im working one hour, or 1 1/2 more a day. And when they do, on some rare occasion move stuff from me, guess what, the driver who starts 20 minutes early takes my gravy, so whats a girl to do? I just drop my door and go, its not worth the breathe it takes to say anything since no one cares. Once you are out the door their job is done. And since I would be complaining, it would be since Iam a female, not because they are making bad business deciisions. Whip me beat me Pay me OT.
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    Just do your job by their prescribed methods and take your personal time. As long as you are safe and do your job right not much they can do. They will get really tired of spying on you when they can't find anything wrong with the way you work. Then if someone does ride with you, your routine is smooth as silk. They can tell if they ride with someone who can't even get their key in the bulkhead door that there methods suck and they don't use them. You must be on their worst over allowed list. It is always the driver in their eyes and not the piss poor allowance you get to do the job right. I know I have been in your shoes too until I changed to a route that had a better allowance.
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    Not to sound trite, but this is was something my father told me about work when I left home to be my own man at the age of 17.
    " A good horse get's rode."
    How freakin true those words were then and now.
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    Sounds to me like you are getting sick, I can sense it in your messages. If you don't start feeling better soon you might wannna consider calling in sick to get better.
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    :wink2:I do seem to have the sniffles.............
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    105 stops = 9.5. Peak I`m doing 200+, 400 pieces in a 800. I understand how you feel. Maybe this might help, go to work punch in and then go stand outside till 1 minute before start time. Keep away from the chaos as much as possible. Same at the end, punch out and don`t hang around the center and shoot the crap. Go somewhere else with coworkers if you must. Leave the building. Hope this helps. Good luck
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    Amen! I already have over 20 years in, I have seen the bosses come and go yet I am still here---now where do you think the problem REALLY is?????
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    Peak is starting to wear on me. I only had 45 minutes to read the paper yesterday afternoon.
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    It should make me feel better that folks all across the country are experiencing the same things we do here. It doesn't. In fact it makes me feel worse.
    I can't speak for anyone else, but I have not read anywhere in the contract about SPORH or allowances or over /under. But I have read about excessive over 9.5 hours worked(not dispatched). Of course that excessive o/9.5 is out the window during peak.
    I tell 'em, "give me a prefect load, I'll give you a perfect day."
    Work Safe.
  16. UPS' mantra, our manager even mentioned a variation of that "you gotta whip the horse that'll get you to the finish"....nevermind the fact you're tormenting one of your best employees...just help that OR or pph/misload (in my case).

    Today I almost lost it as my guys were dragging a bit, but then I remembered how I felt at this point during PEAK after being pounded day after day and being told I wasn't fast enough (yet was fastest on the line with the heaviest the entire building) and just stopped. I sucked it up and just helped them whatever way I could. Planning is the problem (complete lack thereof compared to past peaks), not my preloaders.
  17. yeah they learned this was the case with me...hmm "he called in today, what is his pull doing?...1300-1400pcs, what time are we starting him? 345"

    260-280 pph loading brownies during peak...from then on I pulled in the reins and was like the hell with it, if its not good enough I'm not going all out for this place, I have more important things to worry about. If they want me to finish they'll send help from now on.

    Now that I'm a supe nothing is still ever good enough...but hey us PT supes are usually scapegoats anyways. One instance, our union steward (who we all know and get along with, good guy) informed us our manager was throwing us under the bus. He talked to him about supes working and said that he's "always telling us to stop, etc etc" but the reality is that he tells us TO jump in and help our people at presort....integrity at its finest.
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    Even though it's peak and you care about your customers, at the end of the day we can't get disciplined for performance, so let your poor center management eat it.

    I invite anyone to OJS me, it would be my pleasure. Until then, the only numbers I care about are those on my pay check.
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    Call in tomorrow with the anal glaucoma.