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    Whatever happened to the yearly Pension news? Remember when employees received information about what could expect at retirement? They haven't even said anything about the PPP. Do you think its because they're going to eliminate the pension program altogether?
    Ran into one of the super couriers who quit the company couple years ago and got a job with the city. He explained his pension and asked about this companies pension. Couldn't tell him anything really. Didn't even know how much was in the PPP or what 9 years in the traditional was going to yield. hindsight is 20/20...
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    It's online for your convenience.
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    That's it? No link?

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    The fedex pension plan can be found at :)
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  6. Fred's Myth

    Fred's Myth Disaffected Philistine Sign in and it will calculate your retirement benefits from all sources that you input, including Social Security, traditional,portable, ira's, etc.
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    Please note how little of that amount is actually your pension. FedEx will happily provide a projection of what you might get if you contribute to your 401k at a certain percentage etc. All designed to make it look like you're getting something from Fred that you aren't.