Pension Retirement Incentive - Did UPS/IBT overlook mutually beneficial language?

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    One issue that I believe was overlooked by both UPS and the IBT was an incentive to move older employees out of the system with the expiration of this contract. (they may have discussed it...but few of us have any knowledge whether they did or not). The incentive for older employees to retire with this contract would IMHO be mutually beneficial for both the Union and UPS. More openings for younger people at lower wages...less vacation weeks...etc..

    I would be interested on reading your opinions on the cost/benefit ratio of offering the $200 increase in pension benefits this year rather than delaying it to 2014 as apparently proposed in the tentative agreement. I have a number of full time package car driver, feeder, and inside full-time friends that were hoping for a pension benefit increase with the signing of this contract. They are obviously disappointed that they are not being given an opportunity to retire Aug. 1 with the increased pension benefit.
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    Lol yeah first thing I told a co worker was great now all those 35 year guys we have that were gonna retire this summer are going to be sticking around.
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    One very valuable word comes to mind here:

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    Unfortunately those can be sucessfully challenged in many States. To do it right takes several calculated steps, such as discussing this well before anything resembling a promise or offer to marry occurs, having the spouse obtain his/her own lawyer, negotiating some sort of payment upon divorce (you can't just give them nothing),not letting your spouse-to-be support you through school, having all your property in your name only and no co-mingling of funds etc. Better yet is to make sure your spouse-to-be makes more money than you so that you are in the most advantageous position when divorce nearly inevitably happens. Anyone even considering marriage should spend several hundred dollars buying an hour with the best lawyer they can find and lay out all the pitfalls and possiblities.
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    So since I put mine thru 8 years of school and she will more than double my salary I'm good?
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    LOL....unless she made you sign a prenup... may want to watch out.....considering she is a CRNA...if she gives you a small dose of will sign and do anything she wants...
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    I tease her all the time they she will soon have me accustom to a way of life. She swiftly reminds me I could be made to disappear real easy. Did I mention her dad is 100% Italian.

    All kidding aside have a great relationship and hope there's no divorce in my future.
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    i used to think the same thing. just had my son in law deployed to a hot zone near Iran. he is an aircraft inspector and is the father of 3 of my grandchildren. if anything happens to him..........well you know.