UPS: tentative agreements were not ratified


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Maybe instead of factoring them out and pretending they don't exist, give them a decent job, treat them like brothers in the union, and then watch them vote and participate at the same rate as everyone else.

Nah, screw em and stop counting them.Thats easier.
I am just saying
If a vote is not cast then a vote should not be counted as a yea or a nay.
only votes that are cast should be counted as historically the contract votes has never been a high percentage when full union members are included

Pablo Escobar

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It’s the members fault for not voting. What’s so hard about voting. A simple phone call. So we are stuck with this contract. I did my part. I just hope I can make it 5 1/2 mire years. Then I’m peeking off these browns for the last time. It’ll be an interesting 5 years for sure


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Thas what you say all the time. You have said it in the past. You are full of hot air. All talk, no substance. If you have anything, give us a taste right now. If you don’t you are just an innerwebs punk tough guy.

Put out something
I remember you doing the exact same thing. Please try to have some consistency.

Does that make you an innerwebs punk tough guy?