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    I wanted to ask a question I think a lot of us new folks are wondering. What is really happening to your guys pensions? I mean I know there are problems in the Central States, and they are trying to straighten it out with them. I have read a few posts on this forum about the different amounts a pension could be.

    I guess the big question is will the pension still be there for us new guys just starting off? I mean to work 35 yrs and receive a $3,500 pension w/ medical benefits for the remainder of your years. That is amazing. How many jobs offer pensions to employees. It seems like the remaining ones are all dissapearing. I know my dad had a pension all set to go w/ IBM and that was taken away from him. You could pretty much get away with doing no investing w/ that kind of pension plan. My question once again is do you think the UPS pension plan will ever go away or not?
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    how much will $3500 be worth 35 years from now. Think about it. You could live off that now, but how about in 35 years? I think it's like $800?
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    The pension isn't a fixed rate, it goes up almost every year here. You aren't reading the facts properly if you think in 35 years the payout for taking your pension will be the same as it is in 2007.

    Also, bailey2227 is a management troll just like brazenbrown and various others, they should be ignored.
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    I think there is always a possibility a pension plan can run into trouble, thats why we stick together in the bargining process.I have been in the cs plan for almost 25 years and had the same thoughts when I first started out.I suggest you have a retirement plan the includes the pension as 1 part of your porfolio. get involved with your local ask questions but most of all be imformed and give your opion
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    Darn it. You caught me Griff. How did you figure out that I was in management? I am assuming it is from my past postings. Are intelligent people not allowed to work as Drivers or Package Handlers? Watch out people I am working for management and I'm a troll.
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    You admitted to being a center manager last sunday night. That was after like an hour of you asking UPS related questions while claiming to NOT be a current employee of UPS. So which is it, you're in management or not employeed by UPS? Either way, you should be ignored because you're obviously a liar.
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    Is anyone in local 804, or any other that has a ups/teamster pension? We are having our local meeting on the proposed contract and I would like some info on how those ups/teamster pensions are. :confused:1 Thanks