Pensions Dominate Talks With UPS

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by big_arrow_up, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Hoffa's comments so far indicate that the pension buyout are highly probable. When I see that other companies in the pension (Central States) are wanting out too I can't help but wonder if it might actually be the best thing for us at UPS as well. It seems only the die hard Teamsters are the ones opposed to it. I guess it's easier for me to see the writing on the wall since I'm not blinded by loyalty to the IBT. I am by no means a "Company Man either. I'm just in favor of what seems to be the better choice. I'm all for solidarity but in this case it just seems better for us in the long run to accept this. Unless something better presents itself.
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    I agree the cs pension is a mess. Iam in virgina and so far we still have 25 years(2500 dollars a month) at any age. With the option to buy out the last year. Which I will gladly do- the cost for me to buy out the last year is around 10 grand. It will be worth every penny of it. It would be a big disappointment(to put it lightly) if the same thing happened to our plan(pray to God that it wont). I have just have over 19 yrs driving in,(also 2 1/2 pt loader) with a one year buy out I would just have over 20. That means I have just under 5 years to go. Ill be 47. If the Teamster, were to tell me, Hey your going to have to work another 20. I would tell them to go to you know where(Im holden back folks). NOW, dont misunderstand me, this is only pertaining to the pension and nothing else. Everything else the Teamsters have done I am fairly satisfied.

    In closing, UPS has been great. Old School type of work. UPS and I(with the teamsters backing) have done battle on many occasions and Im sure there may be more to come. Its a game and at the end we can shake hands. Dont take it personal. Mgt has families too. There just as insecure as we are at times and maybe more. A lot of pressure on both sides. I try and be objective. A sup has 10,15 20 or more drivers to look after and then he has the brass barreling down on him. I remember a 16 year driver went into mgt(del sup). He was one of my best friends. After being in mgt for a period of time, he told me , "When I was a driver all I had to worry about was myself, bascially. I only had to work punch to punch. The physical aspect of driving was hard, but I would gladly go back to it, just to escape the mental pressure of being a sup". Well folks, I just wanted to say my peace. Take care-to both sides. A43(bingo) ps bau great thread. ( : osi
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    You know I dont understand the how anyone could be against getting out of "CS". I may be off a little on the time frame, but I dont believe "SC" has been fully funded for around 6 years. And if I'm not mistaken the government is only about a year away from taking over the plan which will mean approximately a 50% cut in benifits for those who pracipate in the fund. I don't believe any one of us that work for UPS has seen any increase in our health care benifits in the two or three years because it has all gone to the pension plan. So can someone tell me where this magical solution is going to come from that's going to fix the problem with "CS"? It's time some of you take a reality check and understand that the "CS" pension plan is dead! I for one will vote to get out of this outdated plan. It seems to me that it's just a smaller version of Social Security, more taking out than putting in. The differnce being that "CS" cant just simply print money to fulfill thier obligations. Really, if there was any hope that "CS" could be self sustanning I would be willing to risk some of my families future on it. But can anyone realistically say that they have the answer? Should UPS be expected to pay $.60 for every dollar they contribute into the plan for those who work for other companies? I'm by know means a company man, I'm a third generation union man. But numbers don't lie, and any numbers you use dealing with "CS" adds up to one thing. A DEAD HORSE!!!!!