Penske trucks.

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    I'm a fueler in Illinois, and I've seen a sleeper team from California come on property with a Penske truck with the tag saying "Columbus Westbelt, OH". How can they have an Ohio truck all the way in California? Wouldn't they have to return it there? Shouldn't the team have a Penske truck from Cali?
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    Isn't it like U-haul ? Depends where the compnay is registered the plates come from that State ?
    Our rental U-haul vehichles have Arizona plates on them - even here in Canada !
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    It's a long term lease. It will see all parts of the country.
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    Or...another scenario...

    While on sleeper, a couple times we had to take "sub", a loaner tractor from different location when we had serious breakdown.

    Did that in Louisville, St Paul, MN. So sticker on side could say from anywhere.