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    The company treats PVDs as temporary, part timers, so some drivers treat the job as a temporary, part time job. Many of which are just there to have extra money to pay for the crap they bought for Christmas
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    Hey, nuthin wrong with a Nissan Altima...


    Sure, the oil pan rotted away when I got this used 2006 one... and the timing chain replacement is a major pita when the time comes to do it... otherwise, it's a decent car
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    How many crank position sensors have you had to replace? (My wife had an '04.....that sensor went bad every 6 months without fail. Nissan blamed the sensor manufacturer, and likewise the manufacturer blamed Nissan, so a recall was never issued)
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    And every year, they are delivery more packages than the year before.

    As long as these PVD's are classified and paid as seasonal package car drivers, and are union members, I don't care if UPS puts them in a U-Haul or allows them to use their own vehicles.

    They don't rent out every truck they have to UPS and FedEx and leave themselves with nothing left for everybody else.
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    I used to run misloads on my way home from work in my personal car-----does that count?
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    It depends.
    Were you still on the clock or off the clock?
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    Off but I would call them when I got home and they would adjust accordingly.