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    When I was on my country route I met each and every highway department as each of them pulled me out of a snowbank at one time or another. As for the mailboxes, most of the carriers were cool but there was this one dick who insisted on bringing the stuff back and calling my supervisor. Keep in mind, it's not like I did this every single day----it was only on the days were there was no way in heck I was making it down their driveway.
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    Dave's a rebel.... breaking the law.

    Your Mailbox Could Be Opened Up To Private Carriers
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    I prefer Setting a Precedent.

    We did have one driver get in trouble for putting a 2DA envelope in to a mailbox at a home that you could clearly see from the road. Customer called in a concern and followed it up with a picture of house that he took while standing by his mailbox. It was less than 500' away.
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    Good luck with that.
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    Been doing it all my life.
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    In my area we have language that says seasonals can not knock someone off their route.
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    You don't even have a life. Prove me wrong, you Altima renting, baggy eyed mother.
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    I am surprised he is not out harassing the folks at his condo complex.
    As prez of the HOA, he should be keeping everyone in line!
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    I always found that funny.

    The Post Office said I had to buy my own mailbox, and I had to install down by the street and then they told me that they were the only ones allowed to use it.
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    I never found it funny myself. :cursing:
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    Sold condo when I retired. Relocated to the Albany (NY) area. Renting a townhouse in a racially sterile 55+ community.
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    Are PVDs and helpers suppose to be working Saturdays?
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    Helpers? Yes. PVD's? I would think that they would be offered the work and that most of them would take it as theirs is a seasonal position and they may as well make as much as they can while they can.
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    Dave's countless hours donating time and buddying up with management kept him out of trouble. Some people thought he was the dispatcher. Lol.
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    You can't make this up.

    I overheard a RPCD today talking about PVD volume he had for the PVD driber. They were supposed to meet somewhere for the exchange. Apparently the PVD called in the day prior to ask for Tuesday off.

    Cream of the crop these PVD drivers are. You work 4 weeks out of the year but need a day off right before Christmas.

    So now this guy has a full p-1000 and it's already 10am.

    They're really putting all their eggs into this PVD basket.
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    How else do you think that the company can deliver all this volume?

    They're already using every package car, every rental in every city they can find, and every helper willing to work.

    These PVD's are seasonal package car drivers, minus the package car, because there are none left.

    Do you have any other suggestions for the company on how to get this crap delivered?

    How about we switch RPCD's to 70 hours. Oh, that's right. That already happened and they are still behind.

    Maybe you would like to work 16 hours a day?
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  20. clean hairy

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    After more than 100 peak seasons, they should have it figured out!
    I wish we could write them up for making peak a mess each year!
    There are rental truck places near me that have many trucks not being rented.