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    Rookie driver here, doing a route with quite a few scheduled and on demand/street pickups. How does time allowance work in regards to pickups. I've heard some drivers don't scan a single package picked up and just punch in the amount of boxes picked up. I heard others scan packages to boost their numbers. What is the best method to get the time spent doing pickups show up on the numbers.

    I know sheeting up over 70s Adds time allowance. What other tricks can I do.
  2. Either one shouldn't affect your numbers drastically as long as you are punching in how many you picked up. It's essentially the same thing. The only difference is where it shows up in timecards. If you scan it you will see it in areas, if you just punch it in it will be in the third tab, which for the life of me I can't remember at the moment.
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    I read somewhere that adding all that stuff into your board only adds like 1.7 seconds. It's not really worth by the time you navigate through the screens and such. I take it you are a qualifying driver? If not and already qualified, stop worrying about your times. Do your job at your pace and get home safely to your family every night. Our contract does not recognize performance numbers and things like that so you shouldn't either.

    Good luck and welcome aboard
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  4. Brownslave688

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    Are you past your 30 days training?
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    I always found it amusing we get the same time allowance for picking up a one pound box that we do for a seventy pound over size you have to wrestle into the truck.
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    I stopped scanning pickups a couple years ago. Seems like I get more time for just punching in the numbers than scanning them.
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    Numbers are garbage, just scan everything that you pick up and don't hit stuff and you'll be fine.

    I would always scan everything at pick up time, just don't worry about the stupid numbers :)
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    Ditto what SB63 said. Once you make book, stop caring about numbers. They make them up, and we have zero input.
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    If they have an "end of day" you don't scan the packages. If the shipping labels have the little box with the bow on it you are suppose to scan then. Scanning the packages this way creates an origin scan that shows up when a customer tracks the package. This is called "doing your job right". Worrying about time allowance will get you to do things that you shouldn't for a better time. This will eventually get you fired. Just do the job as it is designed to be done.
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    Actually we have been over this a few times. You're never supposed to scan every package at a scheduled pick up.
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    You don't need to scan those either. They get the origin scan back at the building.
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    They make up the rules as they go along. Several months ago we had this discussion during a PCM and we were told not to scan every package and to specifically not scan NDA if we don't think we can make it back by trailer pull time. Why is that? We were told that way they can be coded out as "tendered late by customer" and not show on their secret squirrel reports.
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    Exactly. If the origin scan isn't made on time then UPS hides service failures.