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    Three year part time UPSer out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I am moving to Pittsburgh and working towards a college degree there. Does anyone from that area have any suggestions/ insight on what Hubs would be the best to transfer to? (one that has the best hours for a part timer, preferably twilight shifts) I’m looking at Thornburg, North Side, maybe Cranberry, preferably NOT New Stanton, but it would be an option. Anyway, If you work at any of these or know someone who does- or maybe a hub I didn’t mention, please share any details, I would appreciate it as I prepare for this next chapter in life! Thanks from a fellow UPSer.
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    Follow the link and make sure you land at an Earn & Learn location if you want money for school. Crafton has Twilight shift available.

    UPS Careers: Profile Assistant
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    Thanks a lot man! This has helped me a bunch! I appreciate it.