Plant Engineering Rebranding / CBRE


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I watched the video on the UPS Plant Engineering website today about the departments rebranding. The head of PE said our departments new focus is construction, automation and tecnology security. She said as most of you know our building maintenance and cleaning has been sourced out to CBRE. No mention of the hundreds if not thousands of Maintenance mechanics and porters that are UPS employees. I know there are between 50 and 100 CBRE employees thst are maintenance workers that UPS is using in some areas. Some are rovers in small centers snd some are dedicated to one building. This info is also available on the PE website under CBRE. CBRE also dispatches hundreds of contractors such as cleaning, landscaping, door repair and Electricians among many others. This info is available on the PE website also. Has anyone seen CBRE employees replacing any employees? I would imagine it will start with not replacing retiring employees. I know our Supervisors are not happy with the whole CBRE deal. I have seen a few CBRE debacles myself. We need to do everything we can to make CBRE fail. Complain about any substandard work and don't help them any more than necessary. Also check out the Rebranding video at about the 1:20 mark. I love the guy running down the slide and across a conveyor belt. It's hilarious when UPS puts out a video with people violating there own safety rules. He was probably running because he didn't have it secured or locked out.


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In my region all the P.E mechanics are ups employees and we just hired a new one in my hub recently.

Here the P.E mechanics are in the I.A.M but, cleaning is outsourced. We do a decent job of fighting outsourcing here so not sure if it’s the same elsewhere


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I have seen inside office areas but not out in the center. We have had issues with those contracted cleaners stealing out of offices. I prefer that PE keep that inside house. Lesser of the two evils.


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Here's how CBRE fixed a leaking pipe in one of our bathrooms earlier this year.