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No one in their right mind wants a strike...the good news is that O’Brien will not permit any vote without his final approval and handshake. I believe he is going to start negotiating the Supplements and Riders before starting on the Master. Carey did not allow a vote without his final approval ignoring the cries of the entitled membership, he knew that anything presented to our members even if it was crap would pass. Far too many are still looking for Number One and would sell out the rest of our members in a heartbeat..

If the Company starts dragging their feet with
those supplements and riders the less time they will have to deal with the Master. In the past the Company has refused to improve our Individual Supplemental and Rider language and purposely extended the deadline knowing full well that the previous administration would never play that strike card.
Do you know what the '97 strike was really about?

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They could offer them $75/hr and they would still vote no. There are people that will vote no regardless of what the offer is. They will never vote yes.

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Carole is going to mess her depends, throw herself on the floor in a crying fit, and tell every dopey reporter that the striking union is frightening her... Then Dementia Joe will tumble down the stairs of Air Force One, and call out the National Gaurd to round you guys up.

The public will shriek as soon as it doesn't get their Amazon Cheetos, and cheer on the Gaurd.

It will all get started on January 16th, 2023.