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    This week was the most screwed up I have seen in 8 years.When
    I started up on Thursday ,ups said they called me at home to came in early.{Didn't get the call} UPS had brokers pulling trailers and sups shifting in the yard .But sent 18 package car / new feeder drivers back to their centers.
    Rumor was UPS got the number wrong in Northern Ill Dist. By just over 1.1 million pieces. .I in package when they blow stop count by 100 stops OOPS. How was package car last week? Other feeders centers?
  2. 705 cach

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    cachsux, don't worry. u know there is more to come just like it
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    I will got more hours this week than most weeks during peak. Considering I worked monday and got 16 hours of holiday pay.
  4. 705 cach

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    Cornholer was driving around in his Lincoln like he owns ups:knockedout:
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    I would have started this thread if 705c hadn't. lol My loop has A,B and C routes normally. Wed and Thur the drivers had to pull for an emergency C-car build. Friday they put the C in but the whole center got slammed. They were trying to get helpers, air drivers where getting routes, it was crazy. I brought back 40 stops on my rural A route.As for as I know all the drivers brought back some missed. When will they realize what year it is? Peak only slows until the 2nd or 3rd week in January when volume finally drops. No no lets break routes and jam everybody up and see what happens that makes much more sense. This post-peak mini-peak has been happening for years now. I blame the Internet mostly for the post holiday deals and people being home over the holidays with nothing to do(watch porn people don't buy stuff!:drool:). All those stops will be waiting for us on Monday along with whatever comes in. I hope somebody higher up has to pay the price for this poor planning. :tt2::punk:
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    Yesterday here in milwaukee ups called the union to ask permission to use helpers!!! This week was worse than peak!!! We ran about 20 helpers and could have used alot more!!! What a joke!!!
  7. We got blind sided by volume and stops in my district as well. Where are all the deliveries going? Are they business or residential? Are they from online shippers? The problem is that we plan for the volume at peak but we didn't know that this was coming.
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    well they knew at least 24 hours in advance. Friday evening one of our FT sups was looking at monday's predictions and moving stops from car to car.
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    I have talked to numerous drivers around northern Ill and its the same story, everybody is claiming heavy volume, and some centers are still using helpers. My center has been heavy in the past two weeks, which is unusual. I was expecting 8hr days but instead im working 11 hrs, which is great on the company's stand point. I have never seen it like this after the holidays. Im hoping next week will level off.:whiteflag:
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    Anyone know if FedEx is having similar volume spikes?
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    I had more stops last week, than any day during peak. My average daily plan was just over 11.5 hours. Its a good thing peak is over.:happy2:
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    Helpers are still in effect last week in NY, and a few management delivering the goods too.
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    I can't speak for brandEX, but DHL here has dropped of dramatically since the 24th.
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    i like how ie can miss a projection by one million pcs but if i miss putting in my lunch correctly by ten minutes i will get a warning letter.

    was the same in my center too. scrambling trying to get helpers. cut routes. love the lack of planning.
  17. Dirty Savage

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    Sorry dudes, but it is nice and dead here. Most stops I've had since Xmas Eve has been 80, and that was today. Full lunch breaks everyday since, been getting home before 5:30.

    Good times.
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    South Carolina Dist got slammed last Friday. All over the state, UPS were using RTD drivers and sups on the road with permission from, you guessed it ! the Union hall. The Center Managers were throwing (get out of jail free card) in the stewards faces if they heard anything about a grievance.
  19. My mom is a rural route carrier for USPS and she said that they have been heavy all this week and last week.
  20. browniehound

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    We got slammed here in Boston more than I have ever seen besides peak.

    The 26th was very light and the 27th a little light also. But the 29th, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th were incredibly heavy. Last week I got 9 hours OT working only 3 days. I actually don't mind the volume spike on weeks that start on wedsneday. It was 3 days of hell, but it was only 3 days. As soon as the week started it seemed like it was over!

    I don't want to come out here and blantenly say the people in charge way up above don't have a clue, but I have no choice:sad-very:. I'm not talking about my center team. I'm talking DM and above. How can they not see this coming? They must have known there was going to be a volume surge similiar to a tsunami, right?

    Am I wrong to think that there are jobs at UPS that solely consist of forcasting volume? This person probably makes a lot of money. My guess is he is very intelligent, has an MBA, and has been with the company for over 20 years. I think he failed terribly.

    How much money was lost at UPS fron Dec. 26th to Jan 5th? Probbaly none. We probably made money hand over fist because of the efficently (management in the 50's) built in these route to begin with.

    Problem is we could have made a lot more and I base my observation on center-level observations.

    My example: we had the forecast yet ran about 4 routes less our labor force could do. We had 4 drivers unassigned at start time with no work. An hour before start time on Jan. 3rd, 70% of the center was over-dispatched.

    Why not add the 4 drivers before dispacth and make some money? Instead we have 4 extra drivers now meeting other drivers all day to take stops off them. Now, these drivers are wasting fuel (just in going to meet 5-6 drivers x 4 drivers)

    I'm looking for an IE guy to chime in here. Wouldn't it make sense to put in the drivers and let them deliver instead of putting them out there at the last minute wasting time driving and communicating with dispatch?

    Why is UPS so afraid of the under 8? My observation is I'm a lot less overpaid when you dispatch me with 7.5 instead on 9.5