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    Hey, this is Kevin. I'm planning on starting as a package handler this season in october. I have some quick questions to ask, mainly about transferring. I'd like to work at this hub in City A (which I know I can get a job at) from this october to october of 2013 and then transfer to City B, where I desire to go to college. I was wondering how long you must work for UPS before you can transfer to a new location. I'm aware that you lose your seniority and place in line for driving and stuff. Also, after finish my degree I would like to transfer to a different state. Is that possible? Once again, I'm aware that I'd lose seniority.

    Thank you for your help!
  2. UPSGUY72

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    The transfer to go to school is possible. However you have to be enrolled in a approved school and the place that you want to transfer to has to accept you. You can get more information on educational transfer from the HR person after you get hired.

    Transferring other than to go to school I believe is only allowed in the areas covered under the western supplement. Meaning that if city B and city C aren't in that area you would not be able to transfer. Even if city B and C are in that area there is no guarantee that you would be able to transfer there are a limited amount of people that can transfer at any one time.
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    Wait and start where you are moving to , and how do you know your starting that far in advance? I think you are full of it.
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    Yup, I took the time to make an account on here and post this thread because I'm "full of it." I know I'll be able to work there because I have a tenured friend there who can get me a seasonal job. There's no guarantee of getting a job at the place where I wanted to go to school and also I have no place to stay there right now.
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    you're basically hinging all this one being able to get an educational transfer at the exact moment you need it, and for location B to conveniently have an opening at that same time

    what could possibly go wrong