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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by infonotice, May 29, 2005.

  1. infonotice

    infonotice Guest

    Can someone please tell me why in the world UPS bought package cars with no power stering?
  2. gman

    gman Guest

    I just got a used 700 with power. It makes a world of difference. Are you saying they bought some recently with no p/s.
  3. switchoff

    switchoff Guest

    take 80,000 vehicles and mulitply that by $300.00 = $24,000,000 That's why.
  4. infonotice

    infonotice Guest

    Hey Switchoff, do you think UPS really saved $24 million? How much money do you think UPS has lost due to wrist or sholder injuries, or how about time lost in preformance because it takes longer to do a route in a truck with no power sterring.
  5. switchoff

    switchoff Guest

    Ahhh, little grasshopper, you must think like management...SHORT TERM GOALS, NOT LONG TERM BENEFITS.
  6. ups_gal_710

    ups_gal_710 Guest

    Hey I agree with you info.... I have some stops that will take me at least 3-5x backing just to turn big brown around. (after that I need a 10 break for my arms to stop burning.) There is no option of walking my stop off due to the fact that I'm a country driver.
    On the other hand I have been with my truck for at least 6yrs and I love it. When I switched routes my sup allowed for me to take Bertha with me. It's an 85 model and sounds like she will need a new engine here soon, leaks water all over my pkgs when it rains but, we have been together too long to trade now.
  7. speeddemon

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    Would have eatin into thier bonuses.
  8. mattwtrs

    mattwtrs Guest

    A wise now retired manager once told me UPS tries to Keep It Simple Stupid. The fewer moving parts the less chance of breakdowns. Last year automotive started putting automatic greasers on the package cars like tractors have had for years. What a differece on those old P800's, now if they could lower the front ends 6 to 8 inches so I wouldn't need a boost to get in them!
  9. rushfan

    rushfan Guest

    Mine has power steering....When the roads are icy.
  10. fredly00

    fredly00 Guest

    Last week, I ran garbage.(extra)
    lack of powersteering wasn't too bad,
    but of course after driving a sprinter
    one day, I could do that.. ;)
  11. proups

    proups Guest

    I think the key word here is "old."

    The new cars all have power steering.
  12. over9five

    over9five Guest

    I think they were saving far less than $300 per vehicle. Probably under a hundred. (Someone once told me it was $18) As has been said, with the millions they now spend on injuries caused by manual steering, even UPS must be wishing they hadn't been so cheap.
  13. delivery_boy

    delivery_boy Guest

    i was told they didn't invent powersteering til the mid 90's. [​IMG]
  14. ups_gal_710

    ups_gal_710 Guest

    Last week, I ran garbage.(extra)
    lack of powersteering wasn't too bad,
    but of course after driving a sprinter
    one day, I could do that.. ;)

    <font color="0000ff">I have driven those sprinters and I just hate them.... I feel like I'm doing the chinese fire drill at every stop. Just dont know what door I want to use. </font>
  15. fredly00

    fredly00 Guest

    That is true, hard to decide which door to use in the sprinter, but they are fast watch out for the turbo!..

    Yesterday was my first full day 10 hours in a
    500, felt good all day, got in my car to go home
    nearly drove off the road when I grabbed the
    steering wheel to turn, I almost yanked myself into
    the sidewalk.. LOL.
  16. ups79

    ups79 Guest

    Haven't you heard, "we have no such thing as a garbage route"?
  17. toonertoo

    toonertoo Guest

    I think they bought them for the same reason they have no radios, less maintenance.
  18. fredly00

    fredly00 Guest

    UPs79, haven't heard that.. but its what its called.
    Could call it a sweeper, clean up, etc etc... ;)

    Anyway, second day with powersteering in a 1000
    ahh thats nice. I'm locked into my training route
    for the next couple weeks at least.
    The lack of PS in the 500 was bad, my back was protesting. Got a nice seat too..