Pray for the families

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    Very unfortunate. I noticed it was a Ground Home Delivery facility. I am glad the one driver he held at gunpoint in the truck is ok. Maybe now they will bring back security, we haven't had security in over two years. I just find it amazing that a Ex-employee can acess the building so easily. Makes you feel safe going to work in the morning.
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    Looks like he only harmed himself. That's bad, but at least he didn't take anyone with him. Why do people have to deal with things this way?


    Wow. I hate to say it, but with all the stress of FedEx, I'm surprised that this hasn't happened more. My prayers are with the survivors.
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    Yeah, remember all the postal workers wigging out years ago? Considering what they get for what they do will probably see more of this at Ground especially. With all the protesting going on around the country might see a spike in violence. And FedEx wants us to challenge strangers in the station.
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    Well I can see that happening. Atleast the Postal employees got paid by the hour with OT, benefits, breaks, etc. What I find intresting here is I know in our station there is a medal detector right as you walk in, unfortunatley no security guard on post. The only time they use the thing is when the load and unload leave the building. So anyone can walk in carrying whatever they want. I wonder if now they will post some one at the door at all times or bring back security. It is a very unfortunate situation but it does happen I am just glad no one was hurt.
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    I hate to hear of such a thing... Please don't challenge any stranger..Report any strange person to your manager. I want you to make it to retirement.
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    Heck, I'd have to report half the station employees including myself, LOL!!