Pre loader excuses


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I don't make excuses. If a driver complains to me about his load I'll make it look like this the next day.


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Red Devil

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Lets see how far this goes-
First one.. "They had another guy loading your car before I got here. Thats why it looks so bad..

As somebody who was a preloader a few years ago…that is probably true. They never let anybody stay in one spot for the whole day. And whoever the “rescue” is that they move over there at the end of the day is the one who gets to take all the heat from it. There are certain drivers in the building I still avoid because of how they talked down to me when I was a preloader.


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What you dont see is the air deep in the back.
Lower Manhattan routes pre-Orion, that’s all I cared about. I actually gave my preloader breakfast and $20 while making book if he could do just ONE thing for me: Airs separate and in a bin. And accounted for. I think that offer was claimed and paid once