Preload Questions.


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Sorry if this is a common thread but I just joined and didnt really want to sort through all the pages to find something along these lines. Out of curiousity I just wanted to know what the other preloaders here load. # of cars, volume per car, and total volume a day. I load a trailer and 3 Trucks usually. My trailer generally has 200, first truck averages around 260, but goes over 300 from time to time. My second truck averages about 200, but can get to 230. My last truck averages around 280, but can get close to 400 on a heavy day. Basically I average around 900 packages a day. I was wondering how this compared with other centers, as I work in a fairly small building.

On the contrary, ive also loaded a three car pull with 250, 120, 120. Probably the easiest in the building.

Again Just wondering what you personally load, and how big your sort is.