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Should it be manadatory training for preloaders to ride with their drivers?

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    I had the load from hell again yesterday and it got me to thinking about an old issue from when I was preloading. I wanted to ride with my drivers so I could see how their stops come off. My sup would never let me even during peak which makes no sense to me at all. So, I thought I would do a poll and see how many agree or disagree with manadatory training for preloaders.
  2. Fnix

    Fnix Active Member

    I can see some negatives.

    - UPS does not want to pay for the costs.
    - There is a high turnover which does not make it worth it.
  3. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    I am not talking about all day. Just the first part of the day, business only, so they have a fell for how the business is del. On the route that I am doing now, del the first 2 hours of business either makes or breaks my day. I wish my preloader could see how difficult it is to get that truck unloaded in the morning.
  4. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    Not concerned about UPS cost. This is after all a hypothetical. Let's just pretend that UPS would agree.
  5. IDoLessWorkThanMost

    IDoLessWorkThanMost New Member

    Eh? This poll is backwards.

    The driver should be preloading with the loader.
  6. I can hear it now. "Why should we care about training the hourlies? They are too stupid to train".
  7. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    On a related idea.....

    Why can't prospective PC driver candidates be allowed to ride one full day with a veteran driver to observe what they are getting into?
  8. PassYouBy

    PassYouBy Unknown Acrobat

    I think its a good "idea"... One truck I load, I run that route when the driver is off. There is only me and another swing driver that run this route (College Route). I also run one of the split cars once in a while too that I load.

    The other two, I have asked both drivers how they run there route and I line my truck accordingly. Plus, when I first started cover driving, I "Followed" two of the 4 drivers that I load. (Yes, in my own vehicle.)

    I can tell you from experience though, it was much better riding with the driver that ran the college route, because I learned ALL the intricacies of the route. Driver was on TAW, and he was able to ride with me on his route!
  9. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk New Member

    That would help, however I think UPS would want them in browns riding in the truck(cost) plus they would be on overtime(cost) and even then many of the problematic ones would need a lot of rides to beat it into their head(cost). Drivers showing preloaders would logistically be better, however drivers get paid almost 3x the average preloader(cost). It boils down to UPS spending money to make your day easier, I’ll take bets on this happening.

    The real solution IMO is a competent load line supe that knows how to train people. My first one spent 70% of his time on the load line talking to people, BSing, but most importantly watching people and correcting mistakes to make them better more efficient loaders. He did it in a very casual way so it didn't feel like he was trying to micromanage you but it did help. The current one spends most of his time in the office, he doesn’t do much in there, I see when I’m in there on a computer for clerk stuff.
  10. PassYouBy

    PassYouBy Unknown Acrobat

    This too is a good idea...At least for 2 or 3 days!
  11. Ghost in the Darkness

    Ghost in the Darkness Active Member

    Hell, I'd just settle for them learning to read and being able to catch the packages that the pal doesn't match the tracking label.
  12. looper804

    looper804 Is it time to go home yet

    If you don't have PAS yet i'm sure you soon will and you can give input as to how you want the route loaded.
  13. looper804

    looper804 Is it time to go home yet

    A few years ago they had all the OMS's ride for a day with a driver to see what we have to deal with.They should do this again.It helps them explain to the customer on the phone why we can't go back or deliver them 1st or last.
  14. 959Nanook

    959Nanook Member

    I count myself as fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a driver's helper. Aside from the issue that I owe my job at UPS to the recommend from the driver (i.e. it got my foot in the door for permanent employment), I think it makes me a much better part-timer because of the delivery experience I got during peak. I do not see the downside of cross training (a term commonly heard in the military) UPSers whose job has a direct impact on other UPSers jobs.

    That just makes sense ...

    On the cost of browns, I see no reason why they need browns. Collared shirt of their own and a brown UPS jacket would suffice. I (along with the other driver's helpers at my center) went through the entire peak season with just a brown UPS jacket (granted, we are a small center at the end of the line and can probably get away with things like this where other higher visibility centers may not). The point is that the customers understood perfectly well that I was an UPSer when they saw the brown jacket with UPS markings.

    On the cost of overtime, overtime costs $12.75/hr for a new hire. This is not going to break the bank.

    On the cost of the "problematic ones", they are either going to get it the first time around or they aren't.
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I'd love for some of our preloaders to ride with us so they can see the end result of their loading. Some of them could probably get some use out of riding with the drivers. If they understand what we are complaining about then it would be easier for them to be better loaders.

  16. At our center they do. The guys that go from the preload into driving ride along with one of their drivers for a day.
  17. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    Looper If that was for me then No we don't have PAS and it doesn't look like we will get it anytime this century LOL
  18. IWorkAsDirected

    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    A preload sup that knows what he's doing sure would be great. Ours has never loaded a car nor driven one, not even for one day. He started with us less than a year ago, was an am clerk, then after two weeks became a clerk sup, then when our preload went in he became the preload sup. What a joke, and they wonder why we are all running 1 to 2 hours over.