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    Since the pal system has been put in place we have been pulling the sticker and putting on the end of box. Now they want us to leave sticker alone and write sequence number on end of box. Its a lot easier to pull sticker. Just curious what everyone else is doing. And if any disciplinary action could be used if we didn't write on box and just pulled sticker. Thanks
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    Work as directed. It wi make u lots of money and take u a long way in this company.
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    They will want you to do this, but then see you hurry since it's impossible to do all of these tasks and keep up with the flow. I agree with brownslave, do whatever is asked at a reasonable pace and when it fails miserably (which it does, always does), they'll move onto the next flavor of the month.
  4. UnsurePost

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    Oh and also, if you follow the five keys to avoiding slips and falls, always keep sight of walk path and obstructions; no writing on boxes while hands are full, focus on walk path. ;)
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    They wanted us to scan and then write the last 4 digits of each bag down we loaded into air cans or trailers on photo-copies of the load chart. It was a complete nightmare since pens aren't magically attached to air cans or trailers, they kept getting lost. But working as directed... I'd let the bags run down to the end of the belt or fall off the rollers onto the grating while waiting for a replacement pen from the PT sup. (Talk about egress!!) Sadly, they continue this process. Imagine the shareholders if they saw loaders writing down numbers on load charts given all the money UPS invests in technology.
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    Just for the record, I.E. would never have you do any of that stuff.
    All an IE would want is Obtain, Travel, Place.
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    The point of peeling the pal label and putting it on the end of the box is two-fold....the obvious being so the loader can load sequentially. The other is when you peel the pal label, we supposed to compare the tracking # to the one on the shipping label before loading the package. Do i actually have time to do this with every package? Hell no. If you can't peel pal, we're required to write the shelf # on the box. As far as disciplinary action, if you do not work as directed, it is considered insubordination and you can (and I speak fom personal exp) be written up for it.
  8. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Considering volume is down till the holidays, production is our new flavor of the month. Yay! Oh and safty....safty first. Lmao.
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    I have been in our hub for 6 years now and ever since day 1 they have instructed us to write the last 4 digits on the end of the box. Never once have I been told to pull the label. Now I do pull the label on the large styrofoam Omaha steak type boxes. That's about it
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    Volume is down?!?!?!? We are running max routes 3-4 days a week. The best part is October is usually when businesses start to load up for the holidays. Oh and production seems to be the only thing that is flavor of the month 12 months out of the year here.
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    In my building the preloaders are taught to never look at the actual label only the pal sticker. Makes for some interesting misloads. Sometimes wrong town on package car. Once had the wrong state. All done in the name of production. Bad PALs are not considered misloads.
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    A few of the better loaders in my center peel pals too like mentioned above, makes day smooth. As a driver, I know we don't only go by pals, it's the label, but having most pals facing out makes for easier selection and cross check pal to label take 1second. Also, unlike writing on box, most times I can peel as I run into truck... Wait, I meant briskly walking. Lol!Some of the methods just gotta give...

    And BTW. If as a loader you make your driver happy most days with good loads, management usually never says a word and let's you do your own thing. They may walk by 2 times per shift to bark pointers but if they could do it better, show us how it's done!!
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    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Dude, untwist your panties lol. Yes in my hub, our summer peak in over month or so repreive before the holidays start kicking up. The minute volume is less, our management starts with the flavors. Now is production, end of january thru march is off routes.
  14. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Dude? Right movie. Wrong character. The dude would most certainly never have his panties in a bunch. Lol
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    You may eventually be dealing with a red ink printed preload assist stamp rather than a label that can be pulled. Many of my packages are stamped rather than labeled now.
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  16. Gazelle

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    Bad pals are considered misloads as they reported in the ODSE reports from the drivers
  17. bleedinbrown58

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    Not necessarily....ask Indecsion. He'll agree with me. lol
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    Its the end of the year peak season. I'm so lucky to have this week of on VAC. But it doesnt last for a week or two, it will go on for about 1 and half or two months. Then I go threw Christmas peak, 1 and half or 2 months. Then I go threw 1 and half or 2 months of new years peak. Conventions down at Disney get rather hellish in the first two months of the year. So I will get hit with about 4 months of buisness peak and 2 months of Christmas, thats right, 6 months of peak.

    Writing on the sides of the box the car number and 4 digit acount number has been something they've been preaching since I've been working here. Smart label facing up, out or towards the cabin. Walking and writing, sure was scary at the start. Because you lose that sight and vision on the 4 level change within the car, and falling becomes very real. But in time, you know where your at.

    Taking the labels off packages, thats a new one to me. It seems it would quite hard to do with many packages, even destroying them. Are we talking the slap or the smart label here? The paper slap is easy to take off, so is it that one?
  19. PT Car Washer

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    I don't know anything about ODSE reports. Just know to on road sups and OMS seems to make a difference.
  20. Gazelle

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    The loaders are responsible for anything they load on the car. Wrong cars, Bad pals (out of sequence), System flips, etc. The driver reports them all as ODSE misloads. We have some drivers that report missed add-cuts.

    The typical management rhetoric... you should have checked both labels!