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    I got an offer for a preloader job today, and just had a few questions about it. The guy that called told me that usual hours were from 4-9/9:30AM, but have lately been starting nat 6AM, but will start closer to 4 once November/December rolls around. Does it always fluctuate like that? Since I'm getting hired during a non-peak time, does that mean I'll be a regular employee, and not seasonal? He asked me what my minimum commitment was, in order to see about full-time benefits. I told him 2-2.5 years (that's when I graduate college), and he said as long as it was over 1 year, it'd be fine. Is that when I'm eligible for benefits?

    I saw on other threads that preload and preloader meant two different things. One was in reference to the preload shift, and the other was the actual job, which involved sorting, compiling, and loading, vs just loading. I'm guessing the job is a preloader job, during the preload shift?
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    I would think if you got hired now you'd be a regular, part-time employee but they might consider new employees seasonal during the summer months as well as during Christmas season-- I don't have any experience with that concerning the Summer.. :dissapointed:

    But I work at a local center, and we've been starting at about 3:50-4am on Mondays up to 4:30-4:45am on Fridays for months now... I'd say since February. I don't expect we'll change up the start times very much in the future. Probably a few extra or less minutes of sleep here and there, but nothing plus or minus more than half an hour.

    You've got to keep in mind, however, that every hub and center is different. If that's what you were told about the start times, there's a good chance it's not very far from the truth for the specific position you applied for.
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    - Most Preloads operate in the general time frame of 4AM-9AM; some buildings will start as late as 6AM while others will start even earlier. Your start times will be fairly consistent, although they will vary by the day of the week. Start times pull forward beginning in late November, typically by a couple hours although some days (especially the week before Christmas) it'll be even more.

    - It sounds like you're being hired as a permanent employee but you may still be considered seasonal during the summer months. How this is handled varies regional, and even among buildings. You need to ask HR about your status. (Summer is also a "seasonal" timeframe, as employees are needed to cover vacations. In some locations, seasonal is post-Memorial Day or the start of June, in others it's all of May.)

    - You'll be eligible for benefits after one-year. If you're considered seasonal, it'll be one year from your permanent hire date.

    - PRELOAD refers to the shift in which trucks are loaded for the day's deliveries. PRELOADER typically refers to somebody who loads the trucks. E.g. if you're asked 'do you want to unload or preload?' it means do you want to unload trailers or load trucks. Sometimes Preloader is used to refer to anybody working the Preload shift, although this is not common.