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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by vikings19, Aug 11, 2011.

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    I have a quick question. I started at UPS in California about a week ago and am being paid 8.50 an hr. Should i be getting paid 9.50 to start or is that just after my dollar raise when i hit the 90 day mark. i was told preloaders start at 9.50 and after the 90 days get bumped up to 10.50 i'm just confused........
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    they changed alot of things in the contract last time, but im pretty sure you should be making 9.50 because thats what :knockedout: i started preload at. you should make sure that they are coding you as skilled might depend on if you are loading a set of cars or just doing unload, data cap, or spa-ing as well. as a loader im fairly certain you should be making the 9.50, but check with your local steward :D
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    Hi vikings and welcome! In our area they start at $8.50 and get a raise at some point, you'll have to ask your union rep about when.

    Unloading trailers, which is where many start, is not skilled and not paid higher. Sort aisle and loading are skilled and you should make the extra dollar per hour when doing so. In our center there is a sheet you'd sign for the extra pay. Ask your sups about all this, seek out an experienced worker for good info and get a contract supplement booklet from your union rep.
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    Here, they give you the raise automatically, now. We had to earn it. Plus, they say loading, spa, and da are skilled, but you can't bid. My union prez has a deal with the company, I swear.
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    Ok thanks for the response guys and yea i started as a preloader and not an unloader they trained me specifically to be a preloader and it is not as bad as people on here make it seem. i swear stuff the people were saying on here almost scared me away but i like my job.