President of Local Investigates UPS Member Concerns

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  1. Marshal

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    President Zuckerman Investigates UPS Member Concerns Regarding Alleged IBT Failure to Submit Legally Required Documents.

    Please read President Zuckerman’s VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE to the membership regarding this investigation. In addition, please review the July 3rd request to IBT General President James Hoffa and General Secretary Treasurer hall asking them to provide confirmation these crucial documents were filed.
  2. HubBub

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    So he filed a FOIA request a week BEFORE asking Hoffa/hall directly? What's going on here?
  3. stink219

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    Someone is trying to be big boy potty pants. Flip Flop Fred is playing politics.
  4. TimeForChange

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    Stink, Fred is doing what all Teamster officers get very well paid to do--look after their members' best interests. If he is trying extra hard against Hoffa, well it was Hoffa who removed Zuckerman from one of Fred's IBT jobs for no other reason than Fred dared to challenge the Hoffa slate in the 2011 IBT GEB election. So Hoffa started it.

    And HubBub, Fred has sent many messages to Hoffa and/or hall. Many of those messages were never responded to. So why should Fred waste more time waiting for them to reply, when they might not ever reply? Fred is right in going elsewhere first.
  5. stink219

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    Fred didn't say jack shyte at the two man. If he was "looking after the members' best interest" shouldn't he have said something? Anything? Not even a hiccup. What about when he got back? NOTHING! He waited to hear from the majority of his people, then he made a decision. I mean, if you pretend to have balls he should have come out of the gate with his complaint. He just wants to solidify another term. Case closed. And btw, do you blame Hoffa for removing a guy that would go against him? "Hey, I know you were trying to take our elected jobs, but it's ok!"
  6. Anonymous 10

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    How come Fred didn't appose the TA at the two man meeting?? Why was he for it??? He has a political agenda now. He wants to be the next Ibt president.
  7. 89Percenter

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    Ok 407 Steward and Stink..any issue that is brought forward, you bring up the two-man. Haven't you guys realized the majority of the membership really doesn't care about what did or didn't happen at the freakin' two-man?! They care about who did or didn't push the contract when they got back to their Locals. You guys are as out of touch as the International. Maybe you can borrow the IBT's pollsters to make calls for you guys too.

    Have you not read what is contained in these documents?! hall, either purposefully or not, may have not sent in the legally required documents needed to secure the right to strike. This is the largest contract in the Teamsters Union. Don't you think it highly irresponsible at best to miss the deadlines to file a re-opener thus forfeiting the right to strike? The membership will, and should be, highly upset if the IBT did not file. If this is indeed what happened, if this is intentional or not, this constitutes a enormous breach of duty and the highest level of failed leadership.
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    So other than Fred Z. starting to campaign for presidency, and being extremely vocal now despite silence at the two-man, I wonder if this is indeed true. Hopefully, this will be one of the times when Hoffa/hall respond. If this is true, and filing is a standard practice, I am very interested to see why they didn't follow "procedure".
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    So basically what you are saying is Fred was scared that day but he grew some when nobody was around anymore? Think about it. He would have be a real leader if he would have stood up that day. Instead he said he approved. He could have been a star that went in to the international DEEP. Instead he showed nothing and you guys think he is a bad ass.
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  10. stink219

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    Why didn't you post hall response stating that the paperwork was filed?
  11. stink219

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    Of course not! Right? It wouldn't adhere to the rhetoric of Flip Flop Fred Suckerman and his band of TDU fleebs. Hey Fred!! FRED!!! Before you go to the supermarket, do you wait do see which cereal everyone is eating? Or do you always return your Fruit Loops for some Lucky Charms after the fact?
  12. 89Percenter

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    Stink. Maybe you should know your facts before you make a statement. Check out the letter from hall admitting he did not file the necessary paper work as part of his "strategy". Maybe you'll believe it in your hero's own words...go to to read the actual letter.
  13. Monkey Butt

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    Is that hosted on the National Enquirer server?
  14. hyena

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    Fred Z is a standup guy. We need more people like him sticking up for the membership instead of these other sellouts who speak against him!
  15. hyena

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    Oh yea and censorship sucks!
  16. stink219

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    The IBT DID comply with article 45 by sending a opening notice to the company on August 14, 2012. That is clear. Now what Flip Flop Fred "The Backstabber" Suckerman failed to realize is that he is only correct if we plan on striking August 1st 2013. We are not striking then due to supplement changes still on the table. Now, the IBT OR UPS can terminate talks with 30 days prior notice. And if Flip Flop took his head out of his butt, he could decipher what the strategy is. But I forgot, he has zero bargaining skills. This is just his political agenda because he was booed at the National Convention for an hour and a half. Do I need more facts for you 89percenter? I can go all day!
  17. stink219

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  18. 3 done 3 to go

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    That is because the 2 man is where the contract is revealed. It is up to the members to read and vote. Which was a joke in itself. Now his members voted it down. Now he must do as members voted. I don't see a flip flop.
  19. 89Percenter

    89Percenter New Member are yes, please throw out more "facts". Give us another cereal analogy to entertain us all.

    I'll provide you a template for your next post:

    Hey (insert name) Flip Flop Fred got yelled at once at the Convention. He didn't stand up at the two-man. Flip Flop is a back stabber. TDU. hall is God. Where are my Lucky Charms?
  20. grgrcr88

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    Actually Stink is right on as usual. The paperwork to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service is not necessary to negotiate nor strike against any employer. It is simply a notice to them that a contract will be reopened and their services could possibly be requested. The organization has NO authority over either party involved in the negotiations and are generally only used to mediate as a last and final option if a contract negotiation has failed multiple times. Even if they are called upon their OPINIONS are not forced upon anyone involved and can be accepted or declined by either party. Therefore the form 7 has no bearing on the right to strike not only in this case but in any case.

    Fred is trying to formulate his exit strategy. Grandstand how :censored2: he is and how his local would go on strike if they could but they can't because hall screwed up. Sorry Freddy, think up a new one!!