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    Judging by your post, I would have to agree with UPS that you are not qualified. To be honest, I'm a little concerned that you are working for us in any capacity at all. Here's to you taking your ".45", your racism, and your bad attitude and going to another job far, far away....:punk:
  3. I have to agree with the second post, the threat of a .45 does little to show you deserve a job with UPS. The other REALITY is that YES being white has you, without ANY doubt, at a big disadvantage at today's UPS. I have been told that we MUST groom and develop black and female candidates specifically, regardless of who is best for the job (even if its a poor white male). This is a undisputed fact and i am sure happening throughout the company. I have heard two division managers expressing the joy of hiring a "two pointer" (black female). I have heard and seen more than i care to admit. Black males have expressed to me their discomfort on being promoted to manager becuase in their own words they know they didnt deserve the job and received it strictly on the color of their skin. Its the sad reality of todays world my friend. So put away the gun and the threats and live with it
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    Unless you are COMPLETELY different in real life that you present yourself here, you would never have passed panel in a thousand years. Has nothing to do with the color of your skin. You have problems, the company doesn't want to invest in you because of it.

    I suggest psycotherapy and anger management. That isn't a joke or a dig; I'm dead serious. Get help.
  5. Again, turning frustration into anger is a bad bad thing. I would agree, in all honest, you might need a little bit of help. But one other thing i forgot to mention in my earlier post, who can top a center manager, with years of experience you could tally on one hand, and LESS than ONE week of driving experience being a CENTER MANAGER. I know it is nothiing more than ummmmm a fluke, but yes SHE is a FEMALE....
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    Making terroristic threats would not be the smartest thing you could do, regardless of any anger or dissapointment that you may feel. By your post, you would have never cut it as management anyway.

    If you were as smart as you think you are, you'd know that you are protected from mistreatment due to race. So if you had any real proof, you'd fight it the right way, in court. The State of Michigan does not take kindly to its residents making threats. And yes, I know you are in Michigan. So if I know that, I'm sure the police would have no probelm finding you. Keep your mouth shut; for your own good.

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

    They are right about 45 comment but, if they told you that you were not getting a job because you are white is also a violation of federal law. Period! File a complaint with the EOC and don't expect to keep your job long. You know retialation is not unheard of at this company then file another complaint under whistleblower protections.
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    I think we're in a world of hurt when you can't get promoted because you are a White American.
    Good, decent, law-abiding AMERICANS being passed over in favor of illegal imigrants!
    Gibby was born in this country, pays his taxes, supports his community, and reverse discrimination is the thanks he gets!

    He gets (justifiably) angry, and some of you losers insinuate he's homicidal.

    Makes me think of that movie..... You know, with that guy in it....? Uhhhh... a little help here?
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    over9five....was it "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas?
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    .45? Ya gotta go with a .50 Desert Eagle. Just remember though, when you go in there and start blasting take care of the guards in the guard shack first. I'm tired of those wannabe FBI agents wanding me up and down when the detector didn't even go off. On second thought, just pistol whip 'em cuz I don't want anyone blaming me saying that I encouraged you.
    I hear you on that "reverse racism" crap. Us whiteys are done saying "sorry" for sh-t that happened many years ago. When is it gonna stop? Why can't we have a "White history month"? or the "White Entertainment Channel"? I also want to be able to say the "N" word without fear of a beatdown. It's the black man's version of the word "dude" and I want to say it so what is the big deal?
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    i am white and ups begs me to put on a tie.. i would say build your vocabulary. take:mellow:ses and kiss asses.
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    I first want to aplogize for the ".45 will handle that" comment i guess its not slang to everyone

    Meaning i will let a bigger caliber/stronger force/government take care of it. i dont own a gun im scared of guns. if i had one i would shoot myself. after reading. Union drugged people's responses!

    i have an idea dont go to school......and tell the company you work for to pay you more cuz u deserve it? anyone see GM lately? hi im 40 no education and i put lugnuts on tires for $32 an hour......mangment says this is a waste of money when an ENGINEER designs a robot to do it for them then......YOUR LAID OFF. now get a job with that resume!
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    Ah, yes, diversity and UPS. This is quite possibly one of the things about the company that is truly disappointing.

    There is "tokenism" to a certain degree, however, in my experience the promoted "token" person is shifted from position to position because they are incompetent. Although, I have seen one become center manager... albeit a very disliked one... it will be interesting to see how she ends up in a few years.

    Also, there are no company-sponsored diversity organizations. For some people I could see this as a primary reason not to work here. Although, I heard the good ol' boys were patting themselves on the back recently for starting a "Women's Leadership Committee" this year... someone must have forgetten to remind them that women's lib was over 30 years ago! I look at other companies and they have committees for Hispanic employees, Asian employees, Black employees, gay/lesbian employees... you name the minority, most large companies have a group set up for it, and many have had them for over 10 years. And of course, anyone can join these groups, they are not "limited" to just those particular bunch of folks.

    UPS has nothing like this!

    Before you flame me for suggesting UPS do this, think about this - most of these organizations serve to attract, develop and promote the talented, worthy employees, and do a good job of it. Instead of promoting "token" minorities you promote someone who has proven their leadership, through a different means, but in a way that is just as beneficial to the organization. And instead of having issues like ours at UPS creating discomfort, it's all out in the open and that's part of solving the problem! There are ways of handling these problems that are non-offensive and conducive to everyone, be they a minority or not, but UPS does not go for them, probably because they are very "non-numeric" and have more of a social value than a monetary one. UPS can say "we have promoted 18 women to center manager" and they think it sounds like they're actively developing these people into leadership roles. It couldn't be farther from the truth.

    I value diveristy, but when it's the kind of diversity that UPS tries to create, it's totally counter-productive, and sickening.
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    Oh and just to reassure that I'm not making threats to harm anyone or anything with a "gun"

    I never said I would do anything

    I never said anyone else was involved

    Nice to know how many of you think though

    Michigan is where Kettering is but I’m not there......Good call Sherlock

    I did however say the numerical value of 45/100 or 9/20 or 1/20/9 or 45%

    Did you know that 45% of all money made over a lifetime goes to the GOVERNMENT? Hence the term "45 take care of it"="tax dollars"

    But who am I to tell the police the DA office? please people we live in a world now that does not promote whites because white CEOs said hey we need more color for more crap to put on quarterly reports, because we are publicly owned.

    Final thought for the night!

    This is a forum much like and websites like this are for people to be able to vent, voice their concerns and feelings about items. I have every right to say whatever I please.

    And for all the old school UPS drivers. UMMM. read more about the company it might help you just a little SCS and Prof Services, "what can brown do for you?" is because the company is moving away from making most of there money by moving boxes and doing it with educated degreed management personnel. UPS charges 260 an hour for PS consulting = 26 an hour x 10 what they make in an hour for the company you work all day for. Next the economics of the US is showing that unions are the reason why companies do poorly. GM. FORD. So go on strike!

    Finally, drivers have no power now everyday UPS higher new employees wanting to be drivers. But they have to wait until a bid sheet is posted, and they have the seniority over all others. Did you start at the company making 8.50 an hour busting you but in your own clothes for 5 years before you name was called to go driving? I see 18 kids just scraping by on 17.5 hours a week at 8.50 an hour to provide for themselves. Tell me they wouldn't sell out to during a strike to go driving at $12 an hour 40 hours a week. Too many senior drivers think that all the part time union people care? All they want to do is drive or get promoted to get by. Drivers in general are rude to part time people anyways! They would sell out so quickly. Did anyone notice the lack of pt hourly involved in the last contract? Look at it this way new highers are freshman on a football team drivers are the seniors, ok so if the seniors don’t teach the freshman how to be a "brotherhood" then when they get to be seniors tradition is lost!

    So tomorrow when you leave the center or hub ask a pt hourly if they would sell you out for your pay?

    This original post was to see if other people where being profiled at work for positions?

    This also happens to drivers. EX PT sup female wants to become a driver really bad, so she talks to the center manager, six months after being hired she is on the road????? Why??? She is female and ups needs diversity! So check in to that one somehow that breaks a couple of union contract standards! No bid sheet, not union, and no seniority over the hourly employees she supervised?

    So go on strike get fired be laid off. When a company fails the first to go are union anyways. Then management. But if I go I have a resume! Unlike some who would read...?

    UPS DRIVER 15 years
    Pay 50k

    Great you hired now go drive the school bus!

    If the union was as concerned with the GOOD of the company as they are their money donors. Then UPS could have a higher stock value then fed ex and a larger share of air / international volume. So think about that when talks start this year. You want another big raise but if the company tanks (like GM so it is possible) it’s not your fault you were looking out for the "brotherhood".....Good PLAN. No driver deserves more money than a PE mechanic or Auto mechanic. They actually have to have a brain to do there job!

    Please justify to me your pay?

    Unions started in the 1920's due to poor wages, unsafe working conditions, and forced labor.

    1. Poor wage was resolved with US setting the minimum wage....check
    2. OSHA (or a form of govt regulation early stages of FDA in Chicago meat packing plants) for work place safety ......check
    3. US ruled that 40 hours is a standard work week 32 to be considered full time and 8 hours a day to be standard work day length with in most professions

    Since then unions have turned to money, benefit, and vacation hungry vampires! Learn your roots of what the first fought for and be happy with yourself making 20 an hour more than min wage. If you really wanted there to be more fulltime union positions so others could make what you do ......clue take a pay cut and UPS will hire more. say 15 an hour that would result in enough money to double the ups staffing for union employees, drivers article 23 porters carwash mechanics all of them

    What right does a non educated person have to complain about 26 an hour?

    PhD students get 1500 a semester to teach as TAs while in school and they are the people who create new endeavors of study. YES I SAID CREATE. THAT is what a PhD means. No one should be paid more than these kids.

    When you were a kid did you say to your mommy?

    “I want to be a UPS driver"

    Hell no! You got lucky with a good paying job that did not require an education, then got greedy and wanted more!

    Some of us aspire to our dream job not the one that pays me well and has a union to back me up if I screw up!
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    Be more worried about the crack heads who stick pictures up on that’s the opposite of the lead program!
    AND I’m worried that you think its funny to give little kids knifes and quote them as to saying “I’ll cut ya bitch.” I hope you never have kids. This is why a license to breed would be a good thing!
    Thank you for you honesty and concern! And I will only work harder to get promoted. What does not kill us only makes us stronger.
    Anger management is a funny Adam Sandler movie! For me this forum is a way to vent about UPS BS to other UPSers who have had similar situations happen to them!
    Drivers don’t swear at customers to there face but when they get to the hub they DO! I being part of management can not say what I feel at work for what I say unlike union people can get me fired! SO I do it here!
    You are terroristic plot yourself. So did you think umm kettering Is in Michigan so am I??? take you pi kappa phi and go watch more CSI cause you suck at being a cop. AND I work over seas (but still donate to united way for a local charity back home) ! But I did note your opinion (IT SUCKED)
    Thank you for the intelligent response! Those were the avenues of which I am taking my concerns.
    Words do not express how sweet that reads.
    I never said I would do anything remember guns don’t kill people people kill people. I am not doing anything 45% can do whatever it wants. And you saying that I should kill people is not very nice, but I read in between you stupidity to see that some where deep inside that brain you actually received the point. GOOD! Another JOB why? Should I be the one to give up because “the man is trying to keep me down” WHAT’s wrong with most qualified gets the job. I said if I miss another promotion. THIS means it has happened more than once I was told you are the most qualified but we need more diversity. I truly feel bad for those in Utah that’s a prominently white state, what do they do there to fill the quota? And “POSTAL” is what happens after someone had a bad day then is required so sort 1200 pieces an hour for five hours straight, packages falling on you cuz the out bounds can keep up, you have no where to sort to, you get backed up, then somebody yells at you cuz your going to slow for 8.50 an hour maybe plus a dollar for sort pay! That is when you go postal!
    Stay at Ups, and on the weekends become a stand up comic seriously. Good material! White people can’t make fun of other races but minorities can get upon stage and make fun of everyone……why is that?
    Only ass kissing I do is to my girl! I have more pride than that. If you want something in life work-hard towards then when you get there and they say no cuz im white. Then they can kiss my ass!
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    has got to be the smartest man alive! i hope you continue with ups! with a clear thought process of that nature... oh my you will go far! You are correct in saying ups is numeric based. Its like the white kids who says im not racist I have three black friends. (for the slow people you dont need to count the # that shows the rasicm)

    good point kudos to you
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    I am an engineer at UPS. I promote other engineers to fill needs. I believe in education. The opinions that you are expressing appear to be seated in anger. There also seems to be a lack of maturity. That in it self would be reason for you not getting promoted. Some times the hardest thing for someone to do is to look deepwith in themselves to see where the problem lies. When you take responsibility for your own actions is when you will see the path to the promotion that you badly desire.
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    I just have one thing to add to the above posts. You only have one crack to make the right first impression. The impressions you first started with in your rant are totally different than the ones you are trying to pass off now as your "real self."

    Talking trash has no place in a world where you are trying to get promoted. It might make you look tough, stupid, whatever it is you were after, but not something that UPS would want in its upper management ranks.

    As for the blind promotion deal, yes, it can happen, and I am sure it does. Someone with less qualifications gets the job because of sex, race etc, not because they are the best qualified for the position. Shame, because there are many good people going elsewhere that really should be the shakers and movers of the company to come.

    But proving it will be something else.

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    Well, Im sick of so called "I got a Degree" nitwits who think they have to jump up the top of the pay scale when they get a degree or get promoted over the guy who has some college experience and years of experience already in the field!!!!
    Its just the morons in the district office who think they know how to run all our routes and jack up the stop count "cause thats what the paperwork Says" Most of the Division managers have never driven before and they already think they know what the customers want and how to deliver better than someone with 10 or more years of driving experience:confused:1
    Education is overated:tongue_sm