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    I work in preload as a loader I've been here for 6 months so not long at all but I was wondering how long does it take to have any advancement at all for example a on road supervisor or a driver or supervisor or a dispatcher just wondering if the wait is worth it or should I find another career
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    If they didn't ask you about being a supervisor within the first two weeks then you're most likely not supervisor material. As far as driving goes it all depends on seniority. Find the full time driving list, get your name on it and wait most likely 5-10 years before your name gets called.
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  4. You don't know how it works after 6 months?
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    Look around your building , count how many old people you see . Now find the seniority list and see how many are near retirement time .
    That will give you an idea of how long you might have to wait .
    Be on the lookout for any jobs being posted , even if you don't qualify sign up everytime .
    that will get you noticed .
    Soon after the new year begins a 6 to 1 driver's list will be posted , sign it .
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    Depends what you want in life...want to go to school to climb the ranks or find another proffesion? Go supervisor could take a little time usually just ask for the job and you will get it pretty fast. If you want a good honest living that you can make very good money but don't mind doing some of the most physically demanding work you may ever do then go driving the wait can be 2-4 years to get your chance...supervisor is pretty stressful mentally and it could take a very long time to get in a high paying position...depends on you're ambition and if you don't care for honesty and morally right things...that's what management is about but you do save your body from the rigors of a driving job. You could also go to feeders from package car driving and make a little more money with much less physical effort but not everyone likes that position be it the odd hours and the side affect of st nick belly syndrome. In my opinion waiting for a driving job has been the blessing I've waited for my entire life career wise. It's a grind to get anywhere in life, you just need to want it bad enough and it will be worth it. Decide what route is best fit for you and focus on that goal baby!
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    Clarify "promotion"
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    Anything considerable higher pay and more hours than a package loader
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    I'd rather be a package loader than a supervisor. Just give me my 4 trucks and 1300 pieces with a mountain dew.
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    Typically, years for either. It's very possible that ir could be years before a delivery bid pops up.

    Driver sup? You'd typically get that "promotion" after being a pt suck up, OR you could be a driver who hates his union, and lives alonw with his cat, you would submit your letter of intent and sell your soul.

    You used to have to drive for at least a month or two before they'd make you an on road, but we had one get promoted from pt inside (non management) to on road sup. She would come to get misroutes and could barely drive a PC