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    I am new to Florida, and was looking online for jobs and found this. I filled out the little thing on UPS, so who knows if ill ever get the job, have any of you ever applied that way and how long did it take for them to contact you.

    What jobs are there that you could be doing as a package handler?

    Is the Job good? I know the hours for this one was 3am-9am or 5pm-to 10pm

    Are the medical dental benifits good? How much do you have to pay for them like a copay or whatever?

    I assume you work indoors is there air conditioning in there or not. I know its very hot down here, what do you guys do working so hard in this heat? Tips?

    I used to work seasonal in a wreath factory loading trailers, on our side there was those who throuhg the packages on the belt that goes into the trailers, we would read a number o nthe box and it woud tell us which trailer to throw it down. The other was in the trialer itself taking packages off the belt and loading the trailer.

    Is that something like you do at ups or what?

    Sorry for al lthe questions just trying t oget an idea what i may be infor if i get a job lol
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    What you applied for is a pre loader. They load all the trucks in the morning. There are 2 shifts for this.
    Most people must apply on,line they should respond shortly and pretty quickly if in real need.
    Bennifits are excellent UPS pays for everything, meaning nothing come out of your check.
    There is no AC, the hubs do not have AC in the loading docks since the doors are always open and closing. But not to bad for pre load, drivers have no AC all day......
    Great retirement but you have to pay your dues. EVERYTHING with UPS goes by seniority.

    Good Luck.
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    well actually the shift id like to work is the 5pm to 10pm shift so what would i being doing at that time. with your benfits do you need to pay copays for medication and doctors visits?

    Thanks for the reply
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    That shift you are trying to get is for pre sort. Their job is take packages off the trucks and put into tractor trailors.
    As far as insurance, I have only had to pay a co payment 1 time for $10. That was a specialist.
    All perscriptions are all paid for. I have never had to pay even $1.00

    Hope this helps
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    At our center the evening shift unloads the package cars returning from their routes. Drivers not only deliver pkgs but then pick up from business shipping out. The pkgs are then loaded on to semi trailers to be taken to hubs and then sorted to where they should go.

    Insurance covers 80% of doctor visits and 100% on prescriptions but we have to pay up front for prescriptions then submit receipts. It's a godsend for anyone on expensive maintenance drugs.

    It's hot and dirty work but if you like physical activity you'll be fine. They allow you to have bottles of water or, best of all gatorade with you. Many of us take frozen ones and slurp them down as they melt.

    It's an odd place to work. I've found that many folks who enjoy the job are also a bit aggressive. Need to be to get the job done. You can't take anything to heart because you'll never be quite good enough for management and other workers all think they are doing better than everyone else. Just yeah, yeah, whatever. Do the best you can, work hard and follow directions even when they don't make sense.

    It's a good, steady job with great benefits and pay raises have been about $1.00 per year so your wages really go up quickly. Not sure what the new contract in August will offer but we will soon find out.

    Go ahead and try it if you enjoy hard work. If you don't like it that's fine. At least you've given it a try. It's as valuable to find out what you don't like as well as what you do like. Good luck and if you have any questions or hassles bring them here. Someone here has certainly been though it and can offer suggestions and understanding. dw
  6. if you are hired at the right time that is true. However if you are hired in the middle of a contract you don't get those raises...least in the northeast. You're put in some stupid 4 year progression thing, which would be ok if top rate as at the end of it lol. Raises are 50 cents, except for one year that is 75. Some people who got in just after the date to be eligible for contract raises won't even be getting a raise this year. Lucky for you (potential employee) a contract is coming up...hopefully it doesn't make things worse :wink:.
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    thanks for the replies
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    I've been working at UPS for 3 weeks now in the evenings. start time is around 6:30pm and we get done around 9:40pm. For a week and a half now, I've been unloading the semi-trailers. I have to say I really enjoy this job, I've had some ****ty jobs in the past and I think UPS is a great company, it's well organized, they trained me well, GREAT benefits for PART-TIMERS, that's unheard of with other companies. I just started revenue recovery yesterday, it's a little slower paced but it seems good, plus I don't have to be in the back of a hot truck. I really enjoy this job and I plan to stay here for while, apply to be a driver, apply to become a feeder driver ($75,000 a year right? thats awesome!), and when I finish my accounting degree, I might apply with UPS corporate for an accounting job, who knows?

    what's this stuff about contracts? is that only for union employees? i'm not in a union, i don't think i would personally need it, i don't really see the advantage for me.
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    Sorry this is my reply:
    All benefits you have come from the union contract. You have a choice to join or not to join. I think you will have a bill from the Teamster You need to pay for what you earn!
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    5pm to 10pm... Do you like working in 90+ heat and humidity? Here in Lakeland it rains around 5 or 6 and goes until 9 almost every day... The building is not weather proof...

    Preload is 4am to 9am and in the 70+ heat and humidity... Very little rain unless a hurricane or tropical storm is near...