PT Pre-Load Supervisor to FT Supervisor

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    I am going from pre-load package handler to pre-load supervisor in a few weeks. Doing it mainly for the resume and to take advantage of college reimbursement. It’s a small hub so we only have 2 FT supervisors. My question is, how hard is it to move from a PT Supervisor to a FT Supervisor. I know one of the FT Sups is retiring in 2 years and the other one my leave in a year or so. Would I have a shot at that position?
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    You will have a better shot if you have your degree.
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    The preload in my building also has a tendency to want degree in my building.They look alot more professional than other shifts. But you district has to have a pattern of promoting good pt sups with degrees. Some management teams could careless if you have a degree........Cover vacations, ask alot of questions, follow orders, try to be competive and establish a pattern of profitable results. Also document verbal warnings with employee and steward only, if you have absolute proof and a pattern of misconduct.Make decisions w/o the FT sup, attendance everyday too.
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    Good info, thanks!