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    Dear all,
    I recently became a part-time supervisor. I've driven through a couple of peaks and loaded since the beginning of this year. My GREAT center manager at an original center was seeing a supervisor in me. I told him, "I want to be anything in this company!" I got transferred a couple of months ago.

    Lately, I've been really jealous that there are people out there that get to drive. I miss driving so bad!!! I really, truly loved the job and now have withdrawals. I realized that driving is the only thing I want to do while I am working for someone else, even though some people think I use drugs.

    I am at such a loss! I made my center manager really mad last night, because I told him that I wanted to drive. He told me, "You can't sign any current bids!" He told me that I have to wait for an open period of when I can get the outside job.

    I trust my manager, but can anyone else give me some tips, please! What is the ultra-fast way to become a driver in my position? Has anyone else gone through the same process? Please help me!


  2. For the most part I'd say your manager is right, you are now the "1" part of the 6-1 ratio for driving. I'm sure you already know but that means six hourlies will go before they look to an outside hire so unfortunately it may take a while...especially if your manager wants you for a supe.
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    Well, is quitting the sup position in my situation the faster way to become a driver? Can I keep my original Union start date as a seniority date when I sign bids as a preloader or a local sort guy, after I give up management?

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    I believe you can only go part time sup to full time driver. You cannot go part time to part time.. I could be wrong.
  5. you would be right as far as I know. If you want to go back to PT hourly you have to quit and be rehired. You won't have to pay the initiation fee again, but your seniority (at least around here) starts all over again. However we have people with less than a year served going driving (turnover is high for the drivers as well these days). If you want FT driving stick it out, I suppose. If you're looking for going back to a local sort/pt driving, you're going to have to quit and be rehired.
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    Thanks westsideworma and HazMatMan!
    I think you guys are really beginning to help me. Someone told me that I can just sign bids now in my position. Is it true? I don't care about Union/Company politics. I am comfortable with continuing my supervising position. It's just I really want to drive. Please, someone, just make me a driver!

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    Also, I can't continue being management because of our country's nearing recession. I am having to work 100 hours a week (with preparation) to support my part-time supe gig.

    I just want to be a driver. It's harmless, I screwed up by going management, so what?!?!?!?!?
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    Sorry, but you maybe stuck there for a while. PT supervision is the slowest track to driving. When I did it there was a 4 to 1 ratio. I was told it was a 2 year commitment, but wouldn't have todo it more than 3 years. After 5 years I put in my resignation on October 1st. Then a pt sup seniority list came out. Finally, that January I got my opportunity.
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    In our district the only way to go from PT mgm't to FT driver is to basically promise that you are going to put in your FT mgm't letter in as soon as you go driving. They will jump at having a sup with driving exp and will generally fast track your chance to go driving. Of course once you go driving it's your choice whether you actually turn that letter in...
  10. UPSBOI

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    That's what I did when I went from PT sup to driving. Boy did it piss them off when I filed a greivance two weeks in when they laid me off three days in two weeks.
  11. truce

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    So, is this the way to get my foot in the door? If I drive with the intent of becoming a full-time management, won't I get paid like my current salary divided among the hours worked? And are you guys saying that they might just leave me in the driver's position if I never end up filing the intent?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Although I sympathize with you. You decided to go into management and get away from driving. I think it would be best for you to stay a sup for a year or two till you REALLY truly know what you want. I know a lot of sups that freaking love it. In the beginning, they sucked at it and hated it, but grew to really dig it.:thumbup1: