PT vs FT preload Supervisors pay?

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  1. Im currently working as a preloader and was thinking about going into management but i was just wondering how much the average PT and FT sups make? Thanks

  2. loserupser

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    Not enough!!!!
    stay TEAMSTER
    there is a high turn over in management!
    Unless your very good at manipulating numbers and/or holding NUTZ
  3. tieguy

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    depends on your area. Management compensation is based on the economic zone you live and work in. part time sup in New York City would make more then a part time sup in tennessee.
  4. hoser

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    hey, if staying at the bottom for 30 years is your way, all the best. i'd take a sup position with just a 10% raise. that'll get me further in 5 years (and more) than preloading as a teamster.
  5. TheLittleCoat

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    im a PTS and i love it. It pays ALOT more, and theres room to move up. They give you more money to go to school (which is great), and its really not as bad as everyone says. But i guess it all depends on where you work. I work in the primary, and love it. my people are great, they work for me, no matter what happens. But like the people on here say, you are kinda a slave to upper managment, unless your solid like me, then they never say anything.
  6. rngri4

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    No we just jot it down on your employee records. LOL. Not really, but I have seen it happen to a PT Sup, who was "rock solid" his records were jotted on everyday, which is really stupid, because they never had him sign them, so when they tried to fire him, they couldn't. I am often embarassed by the other F/T Management people in our building for this kind of stupid stuff. Stay Solid and stand your ground as a P/T Supervisor, and they won't walk all over you, at the first sign of weakness though, you are done.
  7. MR_Vengeance

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    going to the darkside? i wanna laugh at you:w00t: