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  1. Wondering if any of you guys can give me insight on possibility of getting my foot in the door at my local UPS station. I have been told so many different things on the road by UPS drivers. Some UPS guys I talk to on the road tell me I could get in. And then some say no shot. I am a 9 year swing driver at FEDEX and am dying to get out and get in at UPS. For one reason. The pay. That's it. Before you guys tell me you don't know what you're getting in to. Trust me I do. What's the best avenue to try to achieve this. Should I try to get an interview for another position and then explain my situation and experience then. Or should I try to walk in to the station and fill out an application there. I know all the routes in the area from being a swing at FEDEX. Does that improve my chances at all or does that get me nowhere? I can't be a loader. That's not an option. I can't leave FT driving and my seniority behind to load trucks for 5 years. It's just not an option. Any input is appreciated if some of you guys could let me know what my chances would be and the best avenue to achieve this.
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    You apply online for a pt package handler job then wait until you have enough seniority to bid on a driver job.
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    Because we are a union you will have to start like everyone else. Working in the building, paying your dues, until you gain enough seniority to bid into a driving position. And just so you know I have been a cover driver for more than 5 years waiting on a full time position
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    pm klein , he knows more about this than anyone else alive.
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    You better wake up and smell the roses. UPS would much rather have a rookie so they can mould them into their brain wash ideas. From the sound of your question your attitude is not what UPS would be looking for. All qualified Christmas help will be given first choice which would probably cover most of the year. There is a 6 1 1 formula which must be followed For ever 8 drivers 6 part time one transfer and one outside hire. So until a center hires 8 drivers you will not get in.And yes the pay and benefits and retirement are good
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    You are thinking just walk in and get a driving job? Not so fast, that works when there are new facilities and sorts, but there's very little if any of that type of growth happening.

    Your best bet, as others have said, is to take a PT job and wait two to ten years in line like everyone else.

    THere's maybe a 2-3% chance of being hired off the street and perm as a driver (best case scenerio) 20% chance of being hired as a casual, seasonal or temp driver and likewise waiting your turn 2-10 years to get on seniority list permanently.
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    If you are an African American female it will boost your chances considerably of being hired off the street
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    That may be true for a management position but as a driver the inside/outside ratio must be followed, regardless of skin color, gender or how often you bring coffee and donuts to the center manager (BBAG).
  11. I'm not thinking that at all. I know how it works. Load trucks forever and then eventually get a shot to drive. I was just wondering if my experience could possibly get me anywhere. I thought the chances were slim to none but wanted to check.
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    oh yeah i am well aware of the inside outside ratio,and i am also well aware that in the atlanta area an african american female applicant will be sent by HR to a center in the Atlanta or P'dale hubs when an off the street opening is available,regardless of her qualifications
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    Where would you like your experience to get you ??? It isn't going to get you a driver job any quicker.
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    What qualification doesn't she have ??

    The only ones that matter are:

    1. A clean driving record for the last year and no more than 2 moving violation in the last three.
    2. Pass a DOT Physical.
    3. be 21 or older
    3. Ability to driver a Stick.
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    SOrry, I meant "you are HOPING just walk in and get a driving job"? Thinking was not the right word, as we know you know. :)
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    You would be lucky if 5 years was your wait time. Thirteen for me.
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    11 months for me.
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    I heard kneepads work in my building.:surprise:
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    At my facility in Oregon, most of the preloaders want to become Full-time Drivers and everything is based off of Seniority at each individual building. So, many part-time preloaders are completely offended when management takes a person from off the street and promotes them to a Full-time Driver because thats what most of the Preloaders are trying for, and they haven't put in the sweat and hard work required to become a Full-time Driver. Preloading is almost absolutely necessary for becoming a Full-time Driver because it makes you very familiar with the package car, in particular, the cargo area to the point where you know where everything is without even looking or could do it in your sleep, literally, these guys start at 3am everyday, and drive Saturday Air and I am one of them. Preloading also makes you familiar with the business addresses and zip codes to the point of looking at a package 1 time, and knowing exactly where the stop is without looking it up in the map book. Some of our current Full-Time Drivers have worked Preload for 8-10 years when they were in college, and let me tell you, they know where every stop is off memory not just on their route, but other drivers routes too, these guys are the real managers. Titles don't mean crap in our building. The full time drivers literally instruct our supervisors about the most efficient way to get things done. These guys do this stuff ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. They are the Masters of their profession, looked up to, and very well respected by everyone. Without them, we wouldn't have a business.

    They do promote outside drivers off the street without any seniority, but for every 1 driver they promote, they have to promote 6-7 drivers from within, hence from the preloaders or clerks. Also, my experience is that if you are not white, you have a good chance at getting hired off the street to make their quota. In our building, these jobs are highly sought after and the nature of obtaining these jobs is very competitive, however it is possible for you to get one of these jobs. Good Luck.
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    You might have a better chance if FedEx unionized itself, then at least you would have a Union backing you with Collective Bargaining and negotiating guaranteed scheduled pay raises for its employees. Just a thought.