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  1. Hey all newb here. I'm getting hired on as part time driver/preloader. Just wondering if someone is being hired for just package handling and not as a driver, do they have to go through the course as well. Thanks.
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    What computer class?
  3. Honestly I don't know. My HR rep called today and said to be at the facility tomorrow to start the computer course. Then when that's complete I'll be sent to driving school for a week.
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    Are you talking about Integrad?
  5. I think. I'm assuming the course, forgive for being ignorant, for the handheld devices the drivers use. But I was just curious if loaders, package handlers take any type course if that's all they are going to be doing as far as their job.
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    The training/orientation for the preloaders is different from that of the drivers.

    BTW, the handheld "thingy" is called a DIAD.
  7. Lol. Thanks. Like I said I'm being hired as part time driver/preload. I know I'll be loading while waiting a decade to get a full time route and was just curious what the loaders have to learn. I guess I'll know for certain tomorrow. Thanks guys.
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    You will watch a bunch of training videos.

    They will probably have you unloading trailers to start.
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    Ask HR for the 10 point commentary and 5 keys and study it before class, it will help you out in the long run.
  10. Yeah that's what I've been told. I will have gone through the driving course before I start. According to HR. So at least I'll be a somewhat qualified driver.
  11. They gave me a card last week. I've already got it all memorized.

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    The little thing that slides out is not a cupholder.
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    Take plenty of water, you'll need it.
  14. Lol. Thanks for the info. I'll try to remember that
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    What does the acronym LEADS stand for?
  16. Haven't seen that one on my card.
  17. Don't try to mess me up Upstate. Lol
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    Look before stepping.

    Establish firm footing.

    Adjust for changing conditions.

    Don't walk on moving chutes, rollers or slides.
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  20. It's not on the card. But I'll memorize that too. Thanks.